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Fashion Edition Vol. 4


‘Brand highlight’ was the last entry that I left for you on Oct. 23rd. This edition is going to point out trend details that correlate with a previous aspect that I discussed in my very first publication on Levis denim. The trend details of this year are influenced by three popular materials denim, cotton, and spandex. Among these three materials oversized, ripped, and frayed clothing are how these details are portrayed. First, popular denim, like Levis, takes advantage of all three trend details. Mastering this denim look is most commonly seen in jackets and jeans. The oversized denim with rips on the sleeves, shoulders, and back gives the piece of clothing a worn and vintage look. Paired with a boyfriend jacket appearance rips and frays complete it. These are put on every edge of the jacket from all around the bottom to the collar, chest pockets, and/ or sleeve ends. Whereas, the boyfriend jean enhances the same vibe, just minus the frays. Different from baggy, the jeans looked relaxed and lived in. Multiple rips are typically found from mid-calf all the way down the leg, and the jeans finish with a loose cuff at the end of both legs. Overall, these trend details for denim are what essentially are making this look of the season that is seen throughout all times of the year. The evolution of these trend details, have distinguished our popular clothing to a unique and creative side of the way that we dress.


These three trend details are even more prevalent as the weather gets cooler outside and it is depicted in cotton material clothing. Oversized sweater dresses, sweatshirts, and basic tees are the details that add something extra to the looks of the year. Oversized sweater dresses stress big rips/ holes, and frays. As the weather is actually cooling down this is the trend of fall going into winter and essentially the piece is casual but it is commonly dressed up. In my opinion, it accentuates a cozy and sassy look as the weather changes. Now for sweatshirts, oversized pairings tend to have smaller holes with less exaggerated frays, whereas basic tees would purposely exaggerate the frays so that the piece does not look so dull and holes are minimal. All three of these cotton looks place their trend details in similar places on the clothing. The boyfriend looking appearance has a more prominent neck with long and broader arm sleeve that includes more length at the bottom. The rips appear at the ends of the sleeves, neckline, and bottoms of the material and are complemented by frays in the same places.




Our final material is spandex and designers have just as much fun with this one as they do with the other two. However, the trend details are limited to two out of the three as spandex fits tight. Rips and frays are an absolute icon right now in this materials department. I think it is because the trend details have been switched over to a more fitted look vs. the oversized boyfriend wear and it looks just as fabulous. Spandex jeans are most popular with two single knee rips. Frays have a signature at the ankle of the jeans and even a new way of wearing them has emerged. Making sure that the frays are more visible opposed to the length of your jeans covering it up people cuff the pant once and the frays are then facing up. Aside from this detail being placed at the ankle of the spandex jeans the exterior of the two front pockets, and occasional back pockets are frayed as well. A second favorite spandex material look includes both ripped and frayed trend details put on cropped long sleeve shirts. Rips are very minimal, sometimes not there at all, but are placed were the elbows lie when the shirt is being worn. Usually they will be a decent size and are likely to expand because of arm movement. As for the frays, a customer favorite runs them all around the bottom of the cropped long sleeve. Even if there are only a few visible frays, this and the end of the arm sleeves are where this trend detail is seen. On the other hand, rips may be present without any fraying at all, and these will be minimally placed on the breast or right below.


I talk about trend details in my edition this week because they are what make are popular clothing pieces. Maybe, not seen in two-piece sets or original Levis denim but they add a flare to our appearance that makes us stand out from others. Especially, considering that no two oversized, ripped, or frayed pieces look the same. These details make the preferred looks that individuals are wearing with confidence on the streets and they will continue to be seen in the fashion world. More and more materials are featuring these details and strangely they are what are raising the prices of our clothing pieces that we love so much. Although, one great thing about the three trend details of this year is that they can be accomplished at home. I firmly believe that this in part with Levis denim are the reason for do it yourself (DYI) as a vigorously utilized tool of 2017.

Oversized ripped, and frayed trend details are what have made our clothing from season to season as this year moves forward; therefore they are an essential aspect of our fashion choices. These trend details have made the LOOKS of 2017.

Fashion Edition// A

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