Fall Playlist

            Welcome to my favorite season. Fall is a time to admire leaves as they change colors, the cool wind that brushes through your hair and for finally being able to wear pants in Phoenix. I love the feeling of fullness in my heart as I remind myself how blessed I am to have a loving family, sweet friends, an insane amount of delicious comfort food. As things are cooling down, grab a hot cup of tea, your fuzzy socks, your best friends and admire the sweet music of fall.

  1. “Autumn Tree” by Milo Greene

This song reminds me of a walk through a park at sunset, where you are surrounded by the beautiful gift of nature. It makes you want to find an autumn tree, sit under it, close your eyes and play this song on repeat through your headphones.

  1. “Carry You” by Novo Amor

Have you ever had that feeling pure contentment? Like nothing in the world could harm you when you are surrounded by such amazing people. This song reminds me of how my friends have constantly stayed by my side, much like a family.

  1. “Homegrown” by Haux

This song is the definition of fall, soothing and cool. It is one of those songs where you can easily get lost in its sweet sound.

  1. “Young Blood” by The Naked and Famous

In college, you will have those rare moments where you feel young and ready for a new adventure. This song is incredible to play when you are hosting a “friendsgiving” party and you look around to admire all of the beautiful people who are in the same room as you.

  1. “Hey Ya” by Obadiah Parke

This cover of OutKast’s song “Hey Ya” will leave you speechless…seriously, I have no words for this one, go check it out.  

  1. “Holocene” by Bon Iver

This song will send chills up your spine. The tranquil intro will place you into a calm state of mind. This is one song that I could listen to on repeat for the rest of my days. Throughout all of the most significant moments of my life, this song has played and stuck close to me, much like a best friend. Bon Iver sings this song so gingerly. Each word will echo within your soul and wash you in serenity. It will wash you in comfort and drown out your fears.

  1. “Promise” by Ben Howard

If it is cold and raining outside, please listen to this song. Ben Howard’s voice is a sedative for anything crazy going on in your life. “Promise” will make you feel warm inside on a cold day and drench you in relaxation.

In this season, share your thanks and your giving with everyone and everything that crosses your path. Make sure to value your time this Thanksgiving with family and friends. It is the little things such as music that add a little extra happiness in our lives.



Image: http://www.lindsaymarcella.com/interiors/783/