Essential Beauty Blender Hacks

Over the past year, beauty blenders have become one of the most popular makeup application tools. These magical little egg-shaped sponges can give your foundation a smooth airbrushed finish and keep your concealer creaseless. The benefits of beauty blenders have outranked other methods of makeup application in the world of cosmetics including brushes, hand application, and other types of sponges.  Search any makeup guru on Instagram or YouTube and I will bet you see them using some type of beauty blender. I personally swear by these sponges because they have totally changed the way I contour. Seriously, what did we do before beauty blenders? Although beauty blenders are marketed and for makeup application, there are several other uses for these “miracle” sponges. Check out my favorite essential beauty blender Hacks below!

1. Incorporate into Your Skin Care Routine

Having a skin care routine is imperative for having healthy and glowing skin. If you do not currently have one, I seriously encourage you to get on one immediately! Your skin will thank you, I promise. Using beauty blenders in your morning or nighttime skin care routine can make a world of difference. Typically, most people use their hands to apply their skin care cream. However, beauty blenders allow you to put on your skin cream easy and more effective. The cream will go on softer and get into every crease on your face. Simply moist your blender, put desired amount of product onto the sponge, and dab all over your face. This hack is also awesome for facemasks.

2. Remove Deodorant Stains

Finding unwanted deodorant stains on your outfit is probably one of the most annoy things of getting ready. This is especially true when you’re in a rush or on when it’s on your favorite little black dress. Trying to get the stain out using other methods such as rubbing the garment together or with a wet towel never seems to work quite right. Instead, use your beauty blender! Simply moist the blender and dab on the deodorant stain until it’s gone. This technique is way more effective because it does not stretch out the clothing material like the other methods would. This hack is amazing and has saved me so much time, especially in the mornings when I am rushing to get ready for class.

3. Apply a Temporary Tan

If you have ever used tanning lotion, you know that streaking is the absolute worst. Not to mention your hands turn a Cheetos color orange from the application process. Using a temporary tan, such as Jergens Natural Glow, is great for avoiding the sun and unhealthy tanning beds. Instead of being left with streaks and orange hands, try applying your temporary tan with your beauty blender. Just like how beauty blenders create an airbrush effect with your foundation, it will do the same for your temporary tan. It will eliminate streaking and keep your hands clean!