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Elise McKenna Kindt

Elise McKenna Kindt is one of the greatest people I know. She is named after a character from the movie “Somewhere In Time.” Right now, she’s a junior at GCU and has quite literally dedicated her life to God. You can find her interning at a local church, Mountain Ridge; she is majoring in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Youth Ministry. One day, she hopes to be a youth pastor, rather than a youth pastoral intern. At Mountain Ridge, she works with high school and junior high students. She loves serving this age group because she was that age when she first became a Christian and accepted God into her life at a Christian Camp known as Forest Home. Part of her job is giving sermons to her students. As much as she loves teaching the word of God, she tends to feel a sense of nervousness when she goes up…in the end, it’s worth it. She has changed hearts and has had the honor of bringing students to Christ. Her hope is to one day attend seminary and continue her Christian Studies education.

She was born and raised in San Diego; she actually grew up close to the ocean where she learned to surf and skateboard. She grew up in a family of military parents and a military older sister. During her childhood she took up Taekwondo; she now holds a third-degree black belt.

If you see her around campus be sure to say “hi” and she’ll probably pay you a compliment and make conversation. She is someone who is super easy to get along with. Elise McKenna truly has a servant’s heart. Over the summer she attended a mission trip overseas to Haiti where she developed a special love for the country. She looks forward to this summer when she can hopefully go back to Haiti to serve the community she felt a connection to.

Yes, she is a natural redhead.

Her favorite songs include “Roger Rabbit” by Sleeping With Sirens and “Trees” by 21 Pilots.

She enjoys daily trips to Dutch Bros. She is the proud owner of two handsome German Shepherds and a cat. 

A strong believer in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
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