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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GCU chapter.

I remember when I was young how simple love seemed. I imagined that one day I would have a life like people I saw in romantic movies. Meet the perfect guy, get married, and live happily ever after. That however, is not the reality of love. If you’re anything like me you have very high hopes of falling in love, and because of that it leaves your heart open to this tragic thing called heartbreak. By no means am I an expert on healing a broken heart but having fixed a few of my own I have come up with some things that help the mending process.

Finding something to distract yourself is the first step. Sitting and just thinking is important but not in the first stages of a heartbreak. Surrounding yourself with friends, and family is helpful. Do your best to stay busy. During my first heartbreak I would often sit and dwell on what went wrong, and what went right. I would send myself into a frenzy thinking about how hurt I felt. My friends and family were what allowed me to let time pass, and for things to heal.


Time does heal. It is tempting to check what someone is doing, or who they are with. Part of the reason why fixing a broken heart is so hard is because we allow for the things that hurt us to slowly creep back into our lives. You have to let go. Take some time away from your phone, and social media. Anything that brings up feelings or memories from the past is not allowing time to do its job. Emotions, especially deep-rooted sadness won’t go away overnight. Letting go becomes easier with time. Don’t allow your brokenness to control your life.

Everyone heals differently. Some people need a day, and some need months. Understand that as cliché as it sounds everything happens for a reason. When I experienced my heartbreaks I wanted so badly to fix things and mend them. It is hard to come to terms with the fact that some things just don’t work out. I had to tell myself things didn’t work out for a reason. Relationships, whether friendly, or romantic should not cause sadness, and should not always have to be mended, and fixed. That does not mean that relationships won’t have issues, but heartbreak is experienced when things go beyond the point of being fixed. Accepting, and allowing yourself to acknowledge things didn’t work out for a reason will help to heal and lift the burden of feeling like you need to fix things.


Heartbreak is hard. Always remember to surround yourself with people who cherish you, give yourself time, and to know that everything happens for a reason. Love is real, hearts do heal, and life does go on. One day your happily ever will come.

Hi! I’m Ardissa. Born in Kanas and raised in Colorado. Growing up in a house of three girls I know all too well the stress of too much estrogen. Writing for me is enjoyable because it really allows an individual to express themselves and speak freely. It allows for some quiet time in your own thoughts.