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Date Ideas for the Five Love Languages

Even with Valentine’s Day behind us, there is never a wrong time to show someone you love them. However, putting love into action isn’t always as simple as it may seem; consider the following date ideas to accommodate the five love languages: quality time, gift giving (receiving), acts of service, physical touch, and words of affirmation. 

The five love languages were created as an effort to aid couples who misinterpret each other’s needs. According to Sherri Gordon, author for Verywell Mind, the five love languages were developed in 1992 by Gary Chapman, an author, pastor, and counselor. Since its creation, many couples have adopted this system to better their relationship. However, the use of love languages and the following date ideas are not limited to couples, they can be done with any loved one, such as a friends or family. 

Quality time pertains to individuals who feel loved through spending undivided time together. If you or your person’s love language is quality time, consider taking advantage of an outdoor activity. When considering quality time, it’s easy to jump to a fancy dinner, or a trip to a museum. Although great ideas, in these scenarios it can be easy to get distracted or drift to your phone. A secluded hike or walk on the beach is a great way to enjoy the natural scenery, exercise, and most importantly, reconnect with your person. To take this idea a step further, consider going “unplugged,” leave your phones on silent and in your backpack(s) so you can truly enjoy each other’s company. 

Gift giving (receiving) pertains to individuals who feel loved through physical gifts as well as the time, energy, and thought put into a gift. If you or your person’s love language is gift giving (receiving), consider doing the viral “Target Challenge.” The Target Challenge shows that you’re attentive to your person and is an efficient way to get them gifts they will enjoy. The challenge involves going to Target (or any similar superstore) and splitting off in separate directions to gather the following, their favorite food/snack, an item of their favorite color, an item that reminds you of them, something they need, and something they want. When you’re both done shopping, reveal the gifts to one another and explain why you got each one. 

Acts of service pertains to individuals who feel loved when someone does something kind for them. If you or your person’s love language is acts of service, consider participating in a cook-off. Acts of service entails physically doing something for the one you love, what better way to show you care than through the stomach? You and your person will gather ingredients for each other’s favorite meal and individually prepare the other person’s meal of choice. Once you are both finished cooking, sit down together, and enjoy the meals you made for one another. For more fun, you can take the “cook-off” a step further and compete based on factors such as preparation time, taste, and presentation. Remember to keep things positive and not too competitive! 

Physical touch pertains to individuals who feel loved through physical affection and is not limited to intimacy between couples such as holding hands and kissing. If you or your person’s love language is physical touch, consider going to a dance class together. Whether it may be a salsa, waltz, or rumba class, getting up and active with your person is a great way to make memories and most importantly, bond with one another. 

Words of affirmation pertains to individuals who feel loved through expressive words or praises of appreciation. If you or your person’s love language is words of affirmation, consider creating a scrapbook together. Scrapbooks are a meaningful way to visually put your memories down on paper, why not incorporate words alongside your memories together? Be sure to choose a comfortable spot to work and with your person evenly split up pictures and mementos you want to include of the two of you. On the pages you work on, you can each incorporate heartfelt quotes, scriptures, lyrics, or words that reflect how you felt about your person when reflecting on the memory. 

Knowing and putting into action your person’s love language is a great way to show that you care. However, in real relationships, it’s almost never going to be so linear, many individuals identify with a combination of love languages and these date ideas may not work for everyone. The following date ideas can be combined, trimmed, and tweaked in any way to accommodate your person. Ultimately, caring for someone is about getting to know them and doing your best to express your love for them … and of course, them doing the same for you. 

My name is Kailani Kaaihue. I was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii but am currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. I am a senior at Grand Canyon University and am majoring in English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing. I'm an aspiring grant writer and journalist and hope to use this platform to inspire others.
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