Creative Outlets for Your Creative Needs

Creative Outlets for Your Creative Needs

The new year is here and with that comes resolutions. There are some classic resolutions such as joining the gym or maybe even starting school. These are all amazing things, but sometimes it is nice to learn a new hobby. Hobbies can help you destress and be a major form of entertainment in your life. For many, they feel as if there is a certain side of them, they cannot express. I truly believe that everyone has a creative side to them that needs to be expressed. When we were younger, we could easily take an art class or color in a coloring book, but we have lost that. Here are some ways to get your artistic energy out.


One of the more overlooked hobbies would be cooking and baking. Many would think because you are not using a paint brush or a camera, that this would not be considered a creative outlet; however, that could not be further from the truth. Baking and cooking are truly another form of art. There is a more technical part to this hobby, but it allows you the freedom to express yourself using different goods.


If you have more of a preference for using technology to creatively express yourself, videography is a perfect option for you. It usually requires a camera of some kind and some editing software, but anyone could easily get into this hobby. You can find exciting, new settings and find creative ways to put all of your shots together. This option gives you plenty of freedom to express yourself using videos.

Learn an instrument

If you have a bit of a musical flare, this may be the best option for you. This also may be a good option for you if you used to play a musical instrument of some kind or sang in choir. This does require investing in an instrument, such as a piano or guitar, but it is worth it if this is the way you want to express your creativity.

Interior Decorating

Another extremely overlooked creative outlet would be interior decorating. This can be more difficult because of the financial aspect and it is not always easy to find someone willing to let you decorate for them. A good way to start getting into interior decorating would be to decorate your own room or possibly decorate for an event.


One of the more obvious ways to express yourself is through visual arts. You can do anything from painting pottery to doodling in a book. The best part of this option is how accessible those tools are. It can be as simple as taking a pencil and drawing in your notebook. If you really want to get into the visual arts, you can invest in some canvases and paint brushes from any of your local craft stores. 


Last but definitely not least, writing is the perfect option to expressing yourself. Writing gives you an outlet to write about what you are feeling or going through. On top of that, you can create your own little world where you oversee all of the little creative details.

As you can see, there is no shortage to what you can do to get your creative juices flowing.