Coloring Outside the Lines

            Coloring outside of the lines is usually seen as imperfect and unacceptable. Our entire lives we are taught to color inside of the lines and pay close attention to detail. This causes us to strive towards perfection. The truth is, God did not create us to see perfection. In life, we know that there are some things that stand in the way of what we love to do. Our minds tend to twist our thoughts into thinking that we need to look or act like that girl in order to feel truly appreciated by others. Society casts aside embracing our differences and pushes us to be alike. When we try to live up to someone else’s standards, we fall apart. It is an inevitable cycle of disappointment. We are all human, and we all sin, which means that none of us are perfect, so why do we try so hard?

            We try so hard because that is what society wants us to do. Society wants us to color in all of the shapes until they are completely filled in without stepping outside of the “normal” boundaries. Little do a lot of people know that coloring outside of the lines can be quite spectacular too. “Let’s just go ahead and be what we are made to be without enviously and pridefully comparing ourselves to each other, or trying to be something we aren’t” (Romans 12:6-7 MSG).

            As an artist, I know that the best artwork is perfect in its imperfections. It is amusing to see how each unique induvial perceives a specific subject. God has created us to acknowledge his creativity in nature and in people. If you go hiking, it is easy to stand in awe of what God has created around you. From the gravel under your feet to the trees that tower over you, his beauty is found in everything, and it is not complete without you in it. Each of us serve a unique purpose, we are all different colors that God uses to fill his canvas of life. Even though we can physically see tall mountains and roaring waves, we often forget to think about the meaning beneath its beauty. With people, we are so quick to judge on an outward appearance that we forget to look past the surface and embrace each other’s’ differences.

            A girl in my class recently stated that we need to “recognize, respect and celebrate our diversity”. It is time to start coloring outside of the lines, to start re-defining the meaning of beauty. It is time to recognize that God has created every living thing for a purpose. We need to be reminded that God is the artist and he paints outside of the lines in order to expel his uniqueness to the world. He will continue to overflow our hearts with love and lift our spirits. So the next time you are coloring something, see if you can push your boundaries, step out of your comfort zone and start to color outside of the lines. Despite all of these pesky imperfections, we continue to honor the one who made our lives beautiful.