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Living in the dorms has its various challenges. But probably one of the biggest challenges of dorm life is what to eat. Yes, there are dining dollars but after a month of constant Chick-fil-a (which I’m surprised I haven’t gotten sick of) my pants started to get snug, my account quickly dwindled, and my body was practically begging me for something that wasn’t fried. I knew I had to start eating real food, not ramen, mac n cheese, and chicken nuggets but food that was healthy, filling, and affordable. So I did some research, got supplies and started to experiment. These are my findings: 


1. Scrambled Eggs

I had no idea you could make scrambled eggs in the microwave, but if you put the contents in a mug heat it for a minute or so you get fluffy scrambled eggs! You could also add cheddar cheese, or veggies to diversify the eggs. They don’t taste the same as scrambled eggs on the stovetop, but it’s easy and cheap.  


2. Overnight Oats

I’ve always wanted to try this,  my first attempt did not turn out well, but my second batch was much better. You can look up hundreds of different recipes on Pinterest with various flavors. Healthy, fast, and easy after the first try. 


3. Poorman’s Wrap

Okay, hear me out on this one. Tortilla. Peanut Butter. Bananas. Honey. And frosted flakes (optional). Not only is this meal super easy and fast it is delicious! Bananas are crazy cheap, have a ton of health benefits, and they’re pretty underrated. 


4. Pizza Bagel

Easy way to get your own personal, delicious pizza without the oven and hassle. Simple have a bagel (I like the plain but you do you) spread some marinara sauce, top it with cheese and whatever else your heart desires. If you want to get in your veggie intake and don’t really like marinara sauce, you can always to butter as a base, cheese, and then load up on the vegetables. 


5. Ham and Pickle Roll-up

I love pickles. They are the best, especially in this quick little wrap. First, you need pickle spears (they work better to roll and cut), cream cheese, and a slice of deli ham. Spread cream cheese over the ham and place pickle on either side. Proceed to roll the pickle into a wrap, cut in slices (or just leave it) and enjoy this savory concoction!


There are lots of different mixtures and creations I’ve tried to find the perfect dorm meal, these five just happen to be my absolute favorite.  Having just a microwave to create meals has forced me to think outside the box, and it has been really fun to try and taste. So for those of you like me that cannot eat out anymore because you have tried every restaurant on campus at least three times and you’re running out of dining dollars, I encourage you to test out some of these or create your own. Dorm life can be hard, but finding ways to eat a variety of food on a budget shouldn’t be. 


Hello! My name is Kara Sullivan and I am from Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. I love dancing, going to concerts, shopping and traveling. I'm majoring in business administration with a minor in marketing. I am obsessed with pandas (I even have one tattooed on my foot) and I gotta fondness for all food, I don't discriminate(:
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