Claudia Lopez

Year:  Senior

Major:  Early Childhood Education

Hometown:  Avondale, Arizona

Fun Facts:  Claudia was born in Mocorito, Sinaloa, Mexico and moved to Arizona with her family when she was 12.  This coming May she’s marrying her high school sweetheart, Josh.      

Describe your experience at GCU in one word.


Why did you choose that specific word?

Being here I had to apply myself and really decide what I wanted to do. I also had to find my interests and something to motivate me throughout college.

How did you and Josh keep your relationship solid through college?

Good communication and talking daily.  Not just about schoolwork, but like “Hey, how are you doing?” and having those hard conversations.  Also, supporting each other with whatever came up in life. 

What’s been your favorite part in the wedding planning process?

Just imagining it and picturing it in my head.  Picturing what I want and going step by step through the process.  I’ve actually kind of procrastinated on it because I’m not worried about it now because of work and school.  Once in a while we’ll say to each other “Oh, we should do this for the wedding!”  

What will you miss most about GCU after you graduate? 

The environment and being around people who are doing the same thing as I am.  Learning from their experiences and just applying what I’ve heard from other students.

What’s one piece advice you have for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors?

One advice I would give others is to try to stay on top of things and not procrastinate because it is like a slippery slope where you get in the habit of leaving things til later and it gets harder to complete them on time.