Chelsea Martin 17'

Chelsea Martin is a junior at Grand Canyon University. She is a ray of sunshine, and walks with a skip in her step and a smile on her face. Chelsea has made a positive impact on many people at GCU, and shines with a light for the Lord. Chelsea is studying early childhood education, because she wants to make an impact on the world. Chelsea believes that even if only one child learns something from her, she believes she will make a difference. God has given Chelsea a heart for children’s education, and she is striving to use that passion for Christ’s glory.


Chelsea has served as an RA for Grand Canyon for the last two years, and will be an RA again next year. She has always wanted to be an RA; she held leadership roles in high school, and being an RA allows her to continue to use her leadership skills. There are some difficult aspects of being an RA: Chelsea says that the hardest thing about the job is when her residents are going through a hard time in their lives. Her heart for others is evident in this – she knows that God has a plan for all of her residents’ lives, and she does an excellent job in encouraging those individuals. One of her favorite things about being an RA has been being able to create relationships with other staff members and residents. Chelsea values the friendships that she has made throughout her time as an RA. Chelsea’s advice to incoming RA’s is to start building community right away. She strongly believes that the start of the year can set the course for the relationships that can be made, and the hall community that can flourish. Learning a resident’s name, and saying hello when you see them, can go a long way!

Chelsea has enjoyed being an RA, planning hall events, interacting with residents, and helping others – she not only loves it, but she does an amazing job! As one of her residents this last year, I can affirm that Chels truly is the best!

Chelsea also has recent missions experience. This last Spring Break, Chelsea was on a GCU team that went to the Philippines. She says that the easiest way to show people Christ is by loving them! This was not a problem for Chelsea while she was in the Philippines; constantly being surrounded by adorable kids who were yearning for love allowed Chelsea and her team to live amongst them, and share Christ’s love with them. One of Chelsea’s favorite kids from her trip was an 11-year-old named Jackie. Jackie’s family lives in poverty, but despite the hard circumstances, Jackie always had a big smile on her face! She sang “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber, or “Jesus Loves Me.” Whenever Chelsea is having a hard day, she thinks of Jackie and is encouraged. Chelsea feels forever blessed by that trip, and by her interaction with Jackie.

Chelsea hopes to one day travel the world and teach children from all different cultures. This has been her dream since her freshman year at Grand Canyon, when one of her classmates was discussing teaching overseas. The thought has been stuck in her head ever since! Chelsea’s biggest career goal is to be an elementary school principal…then again, if she ended up being a stay-at-home mom, she would love that as well.