Cassie Uebelacker

Cassie Uebelacker is easily the sweetest person you’ve ever met. She is nice to everybody she meets and everyone is comfortable around her. She goes out of her way to get to know people and help them. She is an amazing and trustworthy friend. If you need advice or someone to vent to, Cassie will be there.

Cassie was born August 30,1996 and is originally from New York, born and raised. Currently, she lives in Rochester, New York and is the oldest of five kids, four brothers; her baby brother is adorable and easily her favorite person on the planet. She loves being around her family and her little brother.

Cassie is extremely good at math and is studying to get her Bachelors in Accounting at GCU.  She is a first-semester senior planning on graduating this summer after taking her last semester online. Cassie changed her major and transferred to GCU last year after attending Nazareth University in New York.

Cassie is a Catholic Christian and she is extremely strong in her faith. She has been Catholic all her life and her faith has only grown stronger the more trials she's faced. Cassie was the Vice President of the GCU Catholics Club. Through the club she started a Rosary night at the GCU Newman Center Rectory; around 10 people attend regularly, sometimes more and sometimes less. When she’s at home, she does the Rosary every night with her family and wanted other people to have the opportunity to learn it and do the same. Her favorite prayer to do is the Divine Mercy Chaplet. She says it is extremely powerful and God has given her many answers after doing it. She has helped many people with their faith and God has truly spoken to her and guided her through her life, calling her to come to GCU from New York and calling her to switch majors. Her prayer life and her relationship with God comes first and every night, without fail, she makes sure to pray.

She is extremely passionate about old style movies and her favorite actresses are Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. She is a huge movie junkie and is completely obsessed with Star Wars and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She enjoys watching Brooklyn 99. She loves going to the GCU basketball games because she can wear her GCU Star Wars t-shirts to the games. Her favorite place to eat on campus is Panda Express.

When she’s not doing schoolwork, she works part-time at the local day-care center. Her favorite singer is Ed Sheeran who she saw in concert and her favorite song is his song "Drunk." Her favorite sports team is the New York Giants football team. In addition to watching football, she also loves to play golf and played on her high school’s team. Her favorite golfer and celebrity crush is Rickie Fowler.

Her favorite thing to wear is her Sperry shoes -- she has multiple pairs. If she could go on a shopping spree she would go to Ulta and Sephora and drop tons on high-end makeup, especially lipsticks. The thing she’s going to miss most about GCU when she leaves, are all the great friends she’s made along the way.