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Body Positivity Youtubers You Need to Subscribe To

Growing up in the social media era, it is so easy to be bombarded with images of what you think you should look like. We scroll past Instagram models on our feeds daily and often feel like something is wrong with our own bodies. It is so easy to compare yourself to others and feel negatively about your appearance due to the fact that we are constantly flooded with pictures of people who look a certain way. While this mind frame is not the best, we are also lucky enough to live in a world filled with those who celebrate body positivity and have been fighting to counteract the way we think. Listed below are a few body positive YouTubers who inspire many everyday through their teachings of how to be comfortable in your own skin.

2. Carrie Dayton

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Starting off with a Phoenix local, Carrie Dayton prides herself on being what she describes as a “midsize” body type. She claims that she is usually teetering in between not exactly fitting into standard size clothing, yet being too small for plus size clothing. Her videos often include her going to different retailers and trying on different sizes and styles of clothes, always preaching to her audience that your size isn’t just a number or letter sewn onto your clothes.

2. Grace F Victory

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Grace F. Victory prides herself in her channel being filled with “style and substance,” often exposing her vulnerable side while talking about a variety of different topics. She keeps her videos very real and relatable to the average girl, encouraging all that fashion has no one size.

3. Kenzie Brenna

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Kenzie Brenna is a twenty-nine year old youtuber who is constantly promoting self-love through both her YouTube channel and Instagram account. She is the creator behind the #CelluliteSaturday hashtag on Instagram, where she pushes women to be comfortable in the skin they are in. Her videos often get very personal as she discusses a time in her life where she was struggling with body image and an eating discover, also noting what her recovery was like.

4. Lucy Wood

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Lucy Wood is a UK based YouTuber where she regularly posts videos testing out whether or not brands are size 14 UK (US 12) friendly. She reviews popular clothing chains such as ASOS and Pretty Little Thing to see how the clothes hold up for someone who does not look like the models wearing them. She will also do videos where she tries on the same style of one item across many brands, just to see which retailer has the best fit and comfort level.

5. Louise Pentland

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Louise Pentland is a thirty-three mother of two who is always shining a light on ways to be comfortable in your own body. As a mother of two young daughters, she explains that it is important for her to be an example and a positive role model so that her daughters can see her as a confident woman who can accomplish whatever she sets her mind to, hoping that they will think the same about themselves as they grow older. She describes her own personal struggle with body positivity and gives tips on how to overcome it, constantly referring to her arms and legs as “meat sticks” that she should not be afraid of showing to the world. Louise adds plenty of humor when talking about body positivity, whilst also addressing important steps to help you feel comfortable and at ease in your body.

6. Sierra Schultzzie

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Sierra is currently one of the most trending body positivity YouTubers, known for her brutally honest review of clothing lines and self-care tips. She speaks the truth and holds nothing back, wanting to give the audience an honest and truthful review of what she is trying. Many of her videos include her trying on clothes from incredibly popular online retailers, such as Fashion Nova and Laura’s Boutique, constantly trying to let viewers know how the clothes hold up for mid sized girls. She has also launched her own clothing line called “The Curvy Crew,” which she describes as “a movement of women who want to express themselves through fashion and embrace their bodies as perfectly imperfect.”

Jessica Orozco is currently a senior at GCU studying Psychology with a minor in Forensic Psychology. This Los Angeles native finds joy in brunch, dogs, and musical theatre. When she isn't writing, you can find her scrolling through her Twitter and Instagram feeds or binge watching true crime shows on Netflix.
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