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The Best Places to Thrift in Phoenix

Every college student knows that adulting isn’t just limited to making sure you get your doctor’s recommended daily intake of food. It’s taking care of yourself altogether, which includes how you look. However,  with tuition, car notes, and the mandatory essentials (we’re looking at you, toothpaste) taking all of your money, it’s safe to say that the $40 blouse at Pacsun isn’t necessary for survival. But there are countless ways to still look fashionable without spending every penny you have. The secret to this is thrifting. Thrifting has made a triumphant comeback in recent years, with the return of fashion pieces like mom jeans and scrunchies being considered “vintage”. But why spend top dollar on the same pair of jeans you can get down the street for over half the price?  With this in mind, here are the go to thrift stores in Phoenix, and why they’re better than the rest.

1. Goodwill


Believe it or not, Goodwill is a slept on treasure for finding goodies at low prices. The best thing about Goodwill is their daily sales based on the color of price tags. Although you can’t get cash for clothes you want to give to Goodwill, you can donate your clothes which provides the company money to train and create jobs. Also, they give student discount!

2. Buffalo Exchange


If you want the trendiest vintage pieces in the city, Buffalo Exchange is the place for you. Located on 7th Street in Midtown near the heart of the downtown Arts district,, Buffalo Exchange is a vintage based thrift store that focuses on the efficiency of thrifting and how it helps better the world with the power of recycling. Although a tad more pricey than your average thrift store, everything in Buffalo Exchange is hand picked by their experts to ensure that every piece they sell is in great condition. Have anything to sell? Go in with your clothes and see if you qualify for cash or an in store credit. Buffalo Exchange doesn’t give out planet destroying plastic bags when you buy clothes, but a token to donate to one of the charities of their selection, so it’s recommended to bring your own tote to carry out your goodies.

3.  Clothes Mentor


Clothes Mentor sits about twenty minutes outside of the city, in Avondale. But it is worth the drive. Clothes mentor is dedicated to changing the face of resale stores to better fit women’s confidence and wallets. Can you sell to Clothes Mentor? Absolutely! Bring in your clothes and give them thirty minutes to go through them, and they’ll send you a text with their results. It’s a great way to make a quick buck and browse through their great selection of clothes.

It is no secret that feeling good on the inside goes hand in hand with looking good on the outside. And on days where you can’t take that well needed (and deserved) splurge of retail therapy, just know there are other options. Thrifting looks like it’s sticking around for the upcoming future, and we aren’t mad about it. Get out there and snag those hidden treasures before they’re all gone. Enjoy your shopping spree!

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