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There is no hiding what is currently happening to our world. Being plastered all over the news and its headlines, the coronavirus is already taking over people’s lives. In the current situation of the world, many countries have been shut down and many states have been placed under lockdown, including the United States. This is the pandemic of our generation that has affected everyone — some more than others.

During times like these, there are many opinions and guidelines involving what we the people should be doing during this crease. With all the new information that we are constantly getting, it does bring a type of fear to us — a fear that has personally taken over me. 

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Of course, my number one fear is contracting the virus, getting ill from it, and possibly dying from it. But truly, my fear is based on how people are reacting, and how this is going to affect us all in the end. With deaths all around, the world skyrocketing, and the number of people getting infected, there seems to be a state of panic everywhere. For example, once the United States got news of the virus, many people went to the stores to stock up on toilet paper, water, hand sanitizer, and food, leaving others without the chance of getting anything. And as the days went on, and we got word how bad this was getting and having to close schools, jobs and cancellation in flights many went into a state of panic which led to leaving nothing on the store shelves. 

This state of panic is scary to me since this is only a taste of how far people will go to survive. Currently as of March 21, 2020, the city of Chicago has gone on lockdown. Days before this lockdown, many houses were getting broken into and getting robbed of their food and supplies. Not only does this scare me for my own well being, but for my loved ones. We are only a few weeks into this pandemic and people are already robbing each other, and it makes me wonder what is coming next. 

This pandemic is scaring everyone and is hitting tons of people and their family in different ways, but being scared is okay. We are human beings who feed off of each other’s fear. We have never experienced something like this in this nation; it is something new, and we still do not have a grasp on how to control the situation. It is scary not working, going to school, and being able to get food and supplies for your family. It is also scary not being able to leave your house and enjoys each other’s company. Fear is okay to have. but we should not let fear overcome us. The only way we can and will get through this is by being patient and social distancing, but most importantly being kind to one another. Lastly, I pray to whomever is reading this that it brings you some comfort and that your family and yourself are safe with enough supplies. God bless!

Hello my fellow readers! My name is Tabitha (Tabs for short). I'm from Chicago, IL born and raised. I'm currently attending GCU with a major in Psychology and a minor in Counseling. I love a good cup a coffee while writing in my journal or binge watching YouTube videos.
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