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Becoming A Boss Babe: No, This Isn’t What You’re Thinking

I work with amazing women. Women that are strong, confident, in charge, and getting work done each and every day. I work with boss babes. And as I’ve become more involved in the millennial, female world of media, I’ve heard the term thrown to women of all backgrounds, personalities, and desires. Yet a common denominator amongst these boss babes? They’re in charge of their lives, 100%. They are fierce, often loud, and do not mind making someone – particularly, anyone even slightly associated with the patriarchy – a little uncomfortable. While that is all well and good, even needed in the career field, there are women in my life that are complete boss babes that do not fit the slightly bossy, loud stereotype. In this realization, I’ve come to the conclusion that a boss babe is not a Miranda Priestly, overly career driven, loud woman who preaches her ability to be by herself. Not even a little. A boss babe is instead a woman who impacts others in one way or the other, is pursuing her interests, and bettering society as she travels her path. Loudness? Not required. 

Becoming a boss babe does not have a secret formula. In fact, you can take or leave the intense wisdom *eye roll* I’m about to bestow upon you and you can still become the boss babe of your liking. Yet as I’ve worked on becoming the boss babe I want to be, I’ve picked up a few tips. 

The first thing you need to know in becoming a boss babe is that you need to know what you believe. This doesn’t mean you shout it from the rooftops – it could, but climbing scary heights isn’t for everyone. Knowing what you believe and being able to stick to that is valuable in our society as bandwagoners are quick to surface. From what you like to eat for dinner to what you think about religion to how you think the Donald should handle foreign affairs, have an opinion. Gals who play dumb are out of style. Use the brain in your pretty little head to answer some questions. Those opinions will guide other aspects of your life, and if they’re iffy you may experience rough waters. 

A boss babe also needs to have a goal. This doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a CEO of a Fortune 500 by the time you’re 30. It can be writing a book, paying off your student loans, learning a new language, or adopting a puppy. Goals give you things to work towards, often bettering yourself in the process. When a goal is set before you, reaching towards that betterment becomes more natural than it would be with nothing to work towards. Goals keep you moving forward. 

Lastly, a boss babe learns to listen and never stops learning. Listening to others, whether in a classroom, a conference, or a coffee shop amongst friends, a boss babe listens with the intent of learning from those she is around. Learning does not stop when a degree has been earned. Learning does not stop when certifications have been met. Learning is always good and helpful. Listening is the way in which learning occurs. Both of these things require an open mind and heart. Both of these things benefit all areas of life. 

Again, there is no boss babe formula. But what is important to realize is that you are fully capable of being a boss babe. You are capable of being motivated, hard working, and impactful. Boss babe-dom is within your reach. 

My roots are in Oregon, my school is in Arizona (Go Lopes Baby!) and my future is spread across the globe.
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