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Alexis Roe 18′

Roe, Roe, Roe Your Band

The lights go off; everyone waits in anticipation. The sudden interruption from the silence is a booming noise from the end of the arena. The spotlights bounce around the walls along with the fans rising to their feet. Everyone goes crazy as they are full of school spirit bursting from the Pep Band. Playing the school fight song, promoting the livid fans to show their Lope pride, and performing modern songs with an authentic feel, the Pep band is vital to the Havoc experience during GCU sporting events. Directly in the middle of this band is the Clarinet section leader, yelling at the top of her lungs for her team (when she isn’t playing of course).

Meet Alexis Roe: junior, band member, student, and lover of life. Born in Kodiak Island, Alaska and raised in Nebraska, Alexis found her way to Phoenix, Arizona as a student at GCU. Studying music education is not her only activity on campus. Section lead in the pep band, taking 10 classes this semester alone, a part of numerous clubs on campus like the Outdoor Club, intramurals sports, and the acapella club are just a few things she is a part of. When asked how she is able to balance all of this she responds “THE GRACE OF GOD!” Alexis laughs “and a planner.”

“I have found that having a social life is a must and that you need to take breaks from academics or you will go insane and have a breakdown. Everyone needs a chill moment here and there and it honestly helps you to focus better when the time comes to do work. Obviously my grades are the priority but every now and then one day of participation points can be sacrificed when adventure arises. Note skipping to stay in bed and watch Netflix is not what I mean. Band forces me to be involved in a lot of campus events so unless something really appeals to me I don’t do many events.”

With her insane schedule she is able to keep sight of what is important and have joy in everything. With her years at GCU she loves the team spirit and atmosphere. “People genuinely care about others and are completely down to just have a conversation with a complete stranger while waiting in the long food lines. I also love the opportunities to come together with fellow students and praise Jesus and that he is a focal point at our school.”

Being half way through her college career, Alexis has learned a lot since being in Arizona and not only in academics “While being at GCU God has shown me his love for all of us. I really feel God wants us to be joyful regardless of our situations and to go and love on others. He has placed so many incredible people in my life that model this and encourage me to live this way. I’ve also found that I feel God’s love most in nature and feel that God has been creating a heart of spontaneity and adventuresome to go out and explore his creation and love on the people I meet in the way!”

Always carrying a smile on her face and joy in her heart, Alexis Roe is beautiful inside and out and is always there for you when you need her. During the next game look for a clarinetist who is going crazy for her team, chances are it’s the amazing Alexis Roe.

Hailing from the wondrous land of Colorado, I grew up with the aspiration of being a great Veterinarian. Senior year of high school I realized being a Vet would mean 12 more years of school. Currently I'm a senior at GCU and will be graduating with my Communication degree. The goal is to be a journalist who travels around the world writing articles, the reality surrounding me now is different, but full of surprises. Random adventures, the gym, anything outdoors, Netflix, coloring books, friends, family, and glorifying God are what gets me up in the morning.
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