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Adapting to change is very easy for some, but for others, it can be the hardest thing to do in life. There are no right answers or designated steps to go about making or adapting to change in our lives. It is hard for some people because we like our routines. We like getting into habits that feel comfortable for us. People we are used to, things we enjoy, etc. We create patterns of comfortability that tie into our man made safety nets, but what is the alternative? Are we ever challenging ourselves if we fall back into our nets?

We crave a sense of stability and consistency around us. Ask yourself, could changing this be beneficial? 

How can we change what we are so used to knowing or how we are used to acting? Change is a beautiful aspect that we need to incorporate in our lives! If people or things just aren’t beneficial or healthy to us anymore, they need change. 

If you feel negatively, such as neglected or unseen in a situation, it is probably time to make a change. Maybe this is something that is hard to admit to yourself, or maybe it is something that has been presented to you. This could be a change with the people you dedicate your time to or a change within yourself. 

When we are presented with change, our first reaction might be panic or fear. 

Talking about the reality of the situation or problem at hand rather than focusing solely on emotions is a great way to adapt to change around you. 

Focusing on your values and morals is extremely important and beneficial when adapting to change. Accepting why the Lord would be making such a big shift in your life and being open to the future is a huge part of adapting. Being curious and open will produce positivity through your change. It will make you more adaptable and creative with your change. Using your imagination and praying about the possibilities of the future, even if that means not the way you originally saw it, is a great way to go about change. It is easy to hyper focus on what things could have been or overthink, but that isn’t healthy for anyone. 

Flexibility may be one of the most valuable skills during a time of change. Communication and problem solving in relationships and communities can also help with adapting to change. 

It is useful to find both meaning and possibly purpose in the change that is happening around you. 

Sometimes quieting our minds, taking notes of the positive (whether that be physical or mental) and being kind to yourself is the best way to deal with change. 

Change is not something that is easy to deal with, and we should train ourselves to deal with it in healthy ways because the world we live in is ever changing! Be gentle with yourself, but firm with your standards. Understand the need for change, and the positive possibilities and opportunities that come with it if you are open to them! 

Hi! My name is Savanna Kerr. I was born in Hawaii/grew up in Seattle. I attend GCU and I am studying professional writing and psychology. I was previously a journalist and eventually head editor for my school newspaper in high school called The Kolus. I am looking forward to being on this team!
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