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This past year has been such a whirlwind of emotions and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. I have grown so much into the person I know I am meant to be. I have truly experienced happiness in the past twelve months. Getting to grow and love my best friend has been the purest form of bliss one could imagine. Isaac is a dream come true in every way imaginable. The way that I can be myself around someone for long periods of time and never getting bored lets me know that I do love him so much.  

This first year was all about learning, and I am still learning every day. I never understood when adults would talk about young kids being in love, but I get it now. You always hear them talk about young couples and how they are young, dumb, and in love. I am more than thankful to be young, dumb, and in love. I feel like a child on Christmas every day, because it feels like a dream. The pure utter happiness I feel just by seeing his name pop up on my screen is unreal. The silly conversations that make me laugh so hard my stomach hurts are the best. The way my face hurts after a weekend of smiling is something I thought only happened when you took too many pictures in one sitting. Getting to video call each other as much as we can so the distance doesn’t seem too bad is what keeps me going some days.  

Although we aren’t across the country from each other, long-distance is not easy. Some days are easy, and others make me question if this is worth it. There are so many complexities about long-distance that I’m still learning as each day passes. I’ve learned to fall in love with getting to see Isaac accomplish both big a little things from afar. I absolutely love virtual kisses, especially when I’ve had a rough day and I get a kiss on the forehead. Getting to plan what we want to do when we see each other next is something that helps the time in-between visits. Hugging Isaac is one thing I long for on most days, and the closest thing I get to that is sleeping with one of his hoodies that I have sprayed with his cologne. I have loved sending videos to each other on Snapchat to update each other on our days. I especially love giving Isaac my Trader Joe’s hauls, just so he can be jealous that he doesn’t have one.

Communication is real. Communication is also extremely hard too. Every YouTube video you watch about long-distance relationships always says the key is the importance of communication. I wish it was a walk in the park, but then life would just be too easy. Isaac and I have done so much growing together, learning how to understand how we communicate has not been easy. We have had some tough conversations that weren’t easy and took a while until we finally got everything out, but when everything is out it is the best feeling to be on the same page. I’m thankful for the time we have apart to be able to process emotions separately so that we can be better at communicating when we are together. I have loved learning how we work. Getting to see our walls break down more as our relationship has progressed has been amazing. I love how I can talk to him about anything and he never gets tired of it.

This first year of our relationship we laughed, we cried, we watched so many movies, but above all we loved. We learned how to love each other even when being apart. Silly pictures on Snapchat and daily fit checks made the distance suck less. We learned that goodbyes suck every time no matter what. We learned that kissing at red lights is just as cool as it is in the movies. Laughing so hard until we can’t breathe has got to be on my list of top ten favorite things of all time. We also found a new love for dancing in random parking lots and just being there in that moment to take it all in.  I love this boy and I’m forever grateful that I get to date my best friend!

Happy 1 year to us<3 

Hi! My name is a Mollie writing has always been a huge passion of mine and I use it as an outlet to get all my feelings out. Some of my favorite things to do is spending all my money at Trader Joes, listening to music, singing, and drinking WAY too much coffee.
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