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A Complete Brunette-Coded Halloween Lookbook

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Halloweekend loading… 

The stakes for Halloween this year are higher than usual. The holiday falls on a Tuesday, which means Halloweekend will likely start on the Thursday or Friday before, and run all the way to Halloween day. A Halloween stretching this long means you’re going to need AT LEAST, BARE MINIMUM three costumes, so here’s a complete, brunette-coded Halloween lookbook. 

Three Looks To Be That Girl

Mia from Princess Diaries

This iconic look given to us by *hot-mess* Mia in The Princes Diaries is the perfect balance between TikTok’s clean-girls and messy-girls. Grab a white corset dress (but make it mini), some silk gloves, add black sunglasses, and reach for some red lipstick. The tiara and headphones combo is perfect with the trending slick-back bun!


This costume is extremely underrated and rarely done, so you’ll likely be the only one at the function rocking it. You can either grab a white corset dress or opt for a white corset top and a white mini skirt. Add a white clown collar, some white fringed wrist cuffs, and a red balloon. The more fringed (and unhinged) you can make it, the better. Practice the makeup look and you’ll look absolutely sickening.


Padme’s white outfit in Attack of The Clone Wars will make you look like THAT GIRL with a few adjustments to the original outfit. Order a full “Padme Cosplay” costume online and it will come with all the accessories you’ll need. Instead of the long white pants, trade them out for some white compression shorts. Grab some white boots, heeled or combat, and you’re all set. Plus, you’ll get to try out one of those cool Star Wars hairstyles (which is extra exciting for the Star Wars girlies out there). Go find your Annakin!

for the last-minute girls

Betty Boop

This one’s crazy simple. All you need is a red mini dress, gold hoops, and a red garter (bonus if the garter has a heart on it). Don’t overlook this one, especially if you’ve got the bangs or curls going for you.

A Bride

I know! You’re probably thinking this one’s dated and overdone, but all you need to buy is the veil! Pick out a white dress or a cute set from your closet and you’re ready to go. If you don’t want to brave it alone, get some friends to be bridesmaids or groomsmen (or you could even rope a boy into being the groom).

A Nun

Look, if Kat from Euphoria can rock the Nun look, this costume deserves some attention. Put on your little black dress, some knee-high socks, and order the headpiece online. Experiment with some makeup looks – you could go for gory, dead, or stick with the angelic energy.

For You And The Girls

Men in Black

This one means you can grab all the roomies to join the costume. Pick out a pinstriped or pleated micro mini skirt, a little black top, an oversized blazer, and some black boots. TRUST, this look will be a girlboss’ holy grail. To complete the look, make sure to buy some blow-up aliens, throw on a name badge, a loose tie, and sunglasses, and pose with a toy gun for the ‘gram.

Maleficent and Aurora

For the blonde bestie in your life: she can dress up like a princess and you get to be the villain. For all the dark-haired girls out there, this one calls for an all-black fit, with a flare of purple thrown in. Order some Maleficent horns, and you’ll get to spend a night emulating Maleficent’s no-BS energy. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Halloweekend can be exhausting, and towards the end of the weekend you might just want to kick back and get comfy. For a more chill night of the weekend, grab your roommates, (maybe argue over who gets to be who), and bring your funny girl energy to the function. The cutest version of this costume has to be in the form of onesies; they’re chill, comfy, and honestly, they give the perfect “I don’t care what anyone thinks” energy.

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