7 Ways To Make Your Day Great

Do you ever feel like your day is doomed to be a billboard for #thestruggleisreal? We've all been there -- we've all hit a slump, whether it be midterms, finals, or a different time of year that just rubs you the wrong way. Maybe you're stuck with a tragically bad professor, of your friends seem too far away. Whatever it is, life isn't always sunshine and roses...unless you're from Phoenix, and then it's sunshine and cacti. Anyway. What to do in this slump? Some people will just tell you to wait it out. It'll figure itself out eventually, right? Sure, you could do that. Or, you could grab life by the moment and choose to add positivity into your day. It doesn't mean that sunshine and roses will pop out of nowhere, but it will give you a start. Baby steps. 

1. Encouragement of the day

Starting your day off with a little encouragement, even before your feet hit the floor, can give a little extra motivation as you begin. Maybe this means doing devotionals and spending some time with Jesus, or even just subscribing to "Inspiring Quotes" on Pinterest. One way or the other, get out of bed with that carpe diem attitude! 

2. Fuel your body for success

I am a strong advocate for the ice cream movement, the "treat yo self" reform, and the no calorie counting initiative. But I realize that you feel best when your body is happy, and that requires some smart choices. Make sure you are incorporating protein, calcium, and strong nutrients into your diet. That way your body is feeling fierce, instead of tired and groggy. 

3. Compliment others 

Let's first clarify that this only works if your compliments are genuine. If you go around noticing beautiful characteristics of others, from a great hair day to an insightful comment, and encourage individuals with those observations, you will make the day of people around you! And when you are able to make others' days better, you'll feel a little cheerier yourself! 

4. Jam sesh 

Never underestimate the power of a good jam sesh. Maybe you need to escape to your car, the shower, or just lock your bedroom door, but these bad boys are meant to be stress-free -- turn that dial up, and include some dancing. This will release all sorts of happy endorphins and is also a stellar option for study breaks. Need five minutes of freedom? Crank the tunes and boogie on! 

5. Work it out

You may need a small army find the motivation to get to the gym, but once you're there, you won't ever regret it. Those happy endorphins we met during the jam sesh? They're back and stronger than ever. Not only will you feel productive, but working out literally makes your body feel more positive. These exercise adventures don't have to be something you dread -- take a hike, swim some laps, or hit up a Zumba class! Make it fun! 

6. Write a letter 

No, emails don't count. Sit down and pen a letter to someone you love -- if you're having a hard time deciding who, just go with Mom, she loves these kinds of things. Just let them know how much they mean to you -- in the process, you'll realize how lucky you are to have someone like them. 

7. Get outside

Most people spend far too much time at their desk, in a classroom, or hunkered in a room watching Netflix. That's fine and dandy, but get your cute little butt outside! Even if it's just a walk around campus for some air, you'll instantly feel refreshed. Make it a habit to take "outside breaks" during your day -- or better yet, grab your laptop, find a bench, and move the office to a far more pleasant environment! 


Sometimes life is really hard, and that probably won't change overnight. But, there's always the opportunity to bring a little positivity into your day. You are loved, you are strong, and you can get through it -- XOXO