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5 Unique Places to Visit in Arizona

  1. The Grand Canyon

Not only is the Grand Canyon one of the greatest world mysteries, but it is home to the sunny state of Arizona. It is also one of America’s National Parks! It is absolutely breathtaking and has such a high quality of beauty that you have to wrap your head around it because it doesn’t even seem real. Taking a little road trip on Spring Break to the Grand Canyon with good company, plenty of blankets, and hot chocolate around this time of year will fall nothing short of a grand time!

National Geographic Visitor Center

  1. Dutch Bros

Okay, okay, you might be thinking, “Uhm, how is Dutch unique? I pound a Rebel every day!” However, being from out of state, I had never heard of this coffee haven! Some states may have it, others may not, but if you’re foreign to it, such as I was, it is one-hundred percent worth trying. Another fun fact about Dutch is that every first of the month, early in the morning (if you get there on time) they give out a free sticker! The stickers are themed by the month or a holiday! It could become a collection and make for a fun monthly tradition.


  1. The Grand

As college students, a change in our setting during study time can be extremely beneficial. About ten minutes off campus is a coffee shop called, “The Grand.” It’s dim lighted, the coffee is amazing, as well as their mouthwatering macaroni and cheese, creating such an amazing atmosphere.


  1. Mill Avenue

Mill Avenue is in Downtown Tempe and is a whole other world in comparison to the rest of Phoenix. It is the Arizona version of the Las Vegas strip. Mill Avenue is full of stores, restaurants, and, yes, clubs!

YAM Properties

  1. Camelback Mountain

Beautiful Arizona scenery comes with a workout. This is an amazing hike. You can spend quality time with someone or even self explore. It’s absolutely beautiful, tiring, but worth it.


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