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5 Fun Things to Do In the Fall

Hello Fall! As of the 23rd of September, it is officially Autumn and I hope you are as ready to embrace this new season as I am! Summer brought fun memories in the sun, but Fall is here to cool things down and get us ready for Halloween, bonfires, and football games! As this season rolls around I’m here to tell you 5 ways to keep up the fun! 

Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Alright, this one is the annual event to go to. Wherever your location, they have a pumpkin patch calling your name. Pumpkin patches are an absolute favorite fall activity and they are perfect for a fun day with your friends. Gather your gals and head down to the patch to enjoy the weather, take an amazing pic for the gram, and grab a pumpkin to carve for October! 

Have a Spooky Movie Night

This one is so simple and so fun! Grab your favorite snacks and tell your friends to come over for a night of memories and blasts from the past! Play your favorite fall or Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus or HalloweenTown! If you’re feeling brave, grab the horror films and get ready to be scared! 

Go to a Bonfire


Often, wildfire season is over as Fall comes in, so many people love hosting fires to welcome in the season! As the cold weather hits, this allows everyone to keep enjoying the cool weather and stargaze while managing to stay warm. Bonfires are a classic activity if you are looking for a pretty easy-going night, but make sure that you relinquish the fire completely before leaving! Although fires are fun to go to, it is not fun to watch the surrounding areas burn because of a small mistake. 

Go to a Football Game

Football is an all- American favorite pastime. Football season has officially hit and if you are not watching the games on TV, you have probably heard someone talking about them. Whether you have a favorite team or you just enjoy watching the sport, games are a good event to go to with a couple friends! If you are in college, you should look into going to a school game, chances are your friends will want to go and it is a great way to keep up the school spirit! 

Go to the Fair

Here in Arizona, Autumn season means that it is state fair time! The state fair is such a fun place and is only open in the fall! It takes place in Phoenix and as the temperature decreases from melting weather, Arizonians are excited to go and enjoy the weather and the rides! The fair always has cool food, cute animals, and fun rides! This place is one of the best places for a fun Friday or Saturday night. Whether you go for a date or just to have fun with your friends, it is highly recommended as an all time- fall favorite. 

These are just a couple of ideas to get your autumn season started but whatever you choose to do this Fall, stay safe and stay warm!

Senior at Grand Canyon University double majoring in Communications and English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing.
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