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3 Reasons Why You Should Travel When You Are Young

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Traveling might be on your bucket list, but odds are, you are probably not thinking of “traveling” anytime soon. Here are three reasons why you should travel right now, especially when you are young.

Getting out of your comfort zone:

Whether you have grown up in a small town, a big city, or a rural neighborhood, you don’t know what could be on the other side of that coin. Experiencing life and culture in other places can put your life in perspective, and can prepare you for harder decisions and challenges in the future. Staying comfortable is how people settle, and the more experience you gain, the better your life will be. Trying new food, activities, and ways of life can let you branch out, and you may find things you enjoy, and can’t live without.

Figuring out the life you want to live:

You may have pictured your future – marriage, kids, pets. What about hobbies? What about friendships? What about your climate? Seeing the way other people live can inspire change in you and can make you realize there may be other parts of your life that you didn’t know you wanted. If you do not travel, and you do not experience that, then you could be missing out on things that you had no idea you were missing out on.

Finding yourself:

No matter where you are right now, you are limited. You have not lived until you have seen all the wonders of the world, and you are only limiting yourself to your full potential. The sooner you travel, experience, and live, the sooner you can find who you truly are. The life you live now, the way you grew up, and the people you have met, are not who you are, and not all you can be.

Take the risks. Find what you love, and never let it go. Traveling, experiencing, and living is the only thing that can lead you to live your life to its full potential, and doing it now, only means you get to lead that life for longer.

Hi! My name is Megan Stobie and I am a junior in the BA Professional Writing program at GCU. I am from the small town of Orting, Washington and I love to write!
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