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22 Reasons Why Being 22 and Single Rocks

1. The bed is yours

What can you say, you love to sleep and your bed loves you!

2. You can shave whenever and whatever you want!

Forgot to shave today, or maybe haven’t shaved in two months… So what!  You can rock it!

3. No sharing of food

Don’t you hate when people pick at your food or steal some of your fries…

4. Not having to share a bathroom

Ahhh all the room for your makeup, face masks, conditioners etc… Life is good!

5. Being able to read whenever you want

First, you have the time to read, and pay attention. Second, there is no one bothering you to drop “me” time to hang with them (except for your dog… always) .

6. The TV is YOURS

Netflix binge is on!!! You can watch all the shows you want to watch without the complaint of your show not being “manly” enough!

7. Wearing the same outfits multiple days in a row

So, you forgot to do laundry or haven’t changed out of your PJs for two days…

8. Eating out of the box

Girl Scout cookies or pizza, eating straight out of the box is the best way to eat! Enjoy it, girl!

9. Finding new hobbies

If that’s volunteering to hold NICU babies or joining a beginner’s band. Hobbies rock and make learning and meeting new people a new adventure.

10. Going on really bad dates

Remember when he tried to kiss you 6 times…..

11. Going on really good dates

Remember when he held the door open for you and knew exactly where to take you.

12. Creating long lasting friendships

In college or not, making new friends can be difficult. Start creating new relationships with people you may never have thought you’d be friends with. It will be worth it, trust me!

13. Taking time for your mental health

If that means going on a run, reading a book or taking a long drive. Make sure you take care of YOU before anything else.

14. Learning your own style

From flowy dresses, tie dye shirts, super dark eyeliner, overalls and much more. Your style is constantly changing and so are you, embrace it!

15. Finding your voice

Being in your early twenties, many elders believe that you’re “young” and don’t know anything. Be vocal and get involved with the world.

16. Every new encounter brings a new adventure

Either you take the leap and fall or take the leap and find success. Take a chance and apply for internships across the country. It will change your life in extraordinary ways.

17.Creating a great workout routine

Being healthy means movement, even when we wish we could lay in bed all day! Hello, spin class!

18.Wine and movie night

Choose a cheap wine from Trader Joes, Netflix, and friends. NIGHT COMPLETE!

19. You can pick up and leave

Not having ties anywhere means you can work and live anywhere. How sweet is Canada looking right about now?

20. No drama with your significant partner

All the fights and petty drama you hear from your friends! #BoyBye

21. Enjoying cheesy pickup lines

Cute pickup lines never get old, especially when you can flirt, get a free drink and catch him on the flip side.

22. No expectations, but to be who you are

So, you snort when you laugh or know every line from Titanic. It’s the little things that make you great, don’t EVER forget it girl!

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