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10 Things Every GCU Lope Should Do in Lope Land

The amount of things going on in Lope Land can be a bit overwhelming at times. Located in the West Phoenix Valley, the GCU campus is a hustle and bustle of activity 24 hours a day. While the freshmen could easily become overwhelmed (it takes some time to adjust to that amount of purple), the upperclassmen have got life as a Lope down to a science. There are some things that you just have to do during your time spent in Lope Land. 

1. Go to a basketball game

That’s right, a basketball game is non-negotiable. Even if you aren’t a sports fanatic, you soon will be caught up in the crazy atmosphere GCU brings to each and every game day. Between the Havocs’ cheering, the half-time entertainment, and Thunder roaming the Arena, you’re in for a treat! Who knows, maybe you’ll make this a habit! 

2. Attend Midnight Breakfast

Yes, GCU realizes the importance of breakfast food. And yes, GCU understands the intensity that comes with finals. So naturally, ASGCU provides a lovely, evening breakfast for its students to take a break during studying. Go at least once, even if this means giving up your spot in the library. 

3. Take a selfie with Thunder 

You see that antelope wandering around campus all the time! If you don’t take the opportunity to selfie with him, can you really say you go to Canyon? 

4. Audition for Lip Sync 

Going to Lip Sync is all fun and dandy, but auditioning is a whole other level of awesome. Bonding with your team as you rehearse outrageous dance moves in fairly public places? Hilarious, humbling, and one heck of a good time. You don’t have to get in, but you should at least boogie your heart out trying! 

5. Volunteer at Welcome Week 

Welcome Week at Canyon is unlike any other school. Students volunteering in 100+ degree weather? That’s insane. But hey, you might be interviewed by a local news station, and you’re more than likely to get free Cane’s for lunch. Also, you’ll make lifelong friendships with your move-in crew. That sounds like a win-win to me! 

6. Join a club 

This can be an educational club, a career centered club, or a club that will get you outside and moving (Lopes Outdoors, looking at you!). Joining a club at Canyon is accepting more people as part of your purple family. It’s an honor, a party, and a really good story all rolled into one! (If you don’t know where to start, join Her Campus — we’ll put you on the right track!). 

7. Take a semester of Chapel 

Chapel at GCU is the right way to start off your Monday. You will be amazed to see the Arena full of students worshipping together, praising God and shouting His name. It’s not only a great way to fill your week with encouragement, but it’s an awesome opportunity to build community and fellowship with other students. 

8. Hike Camelback Mountain 

Ok, so you have to venture off campus for this one, but you can’t call yourself a qualified Lope if you haven’t posted a picture on Instagram of you gazing out at the beautiful (ok, brown and dusty) city of Phoenix. Your body might be sore the next day, but it’s kind of a right of passage here in Lope Land. 

9. Cheer your heart out at Mr. GCU 

First things first, recognize that with a very high ratio of females on campus, a male “beauty pageant” is going to go over very well. This gives you the opportunity to cheer your heart out — scream loud as your favorite fellas sing, dance, and generally make a fool of themselves. 

10. Collect all the free fan gear

Visitors find themselves very confused when long lines of students beginning forming around areas of campus. Little do they know that free fan gear is about to surface. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can hit a limit of GCU fan gear. You can’t, it’s scientifically proven. Stand in those lines. run to the promenade to make sure you don’t miss out, and enter all of the social media contests. It’s just something that Lopes do. 

Life at Lope Land cannot be beat. If you can say you’ve completed the above list, consider yourself a certified Lope. You clearly love your school, bleed purple, and have embraced the life you’re living. Congratulations, and Lopes Up! 


My roots are in Oregon, my school is in Arizona (Go Lopes Baby!) and my future is spread across the globe.
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