10 Fun Date Ideas for a Long Distance Valentine’s Day

This post is for any couple that is in a long distance relationship and is looking for unique and exciting date ideas to go on with your significant other on Valentine’s day. 

1. Video call your significant other

No long distance date would be complete without video calling your significant other. Video calling your significant other is a great way to spend quality time with them while you are far apart. It is very nice to be able to see your partner's face, even if it is through a screen. It is so special to see your partner’s face, especially if you usually communicate with them on the phone. Video calling is special because even if you are only talking to them through a screen, it can almost feel like they are actually there with you, which is a nice feeling. There are tons of apps that you can download that are perfect for video calling! 

2. Cook and bake together

You can start this date off by video calling your significant other and deciding what food and dessert you both can cook and bake! You can find recipes on Pinterest or in your favorite recipe book. Then you both can go to your respective local grocery stores while video calling them. While at the store, get all the ingredients you need and then bring your ingredients home so that you both can work on cooking and baking at the same time. Once the food is all cooked, you can eat together on video call as your date! 

Food suggestion: spaghetti and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Rai Vidanes

3. Go on a picnic together

Like the previous date, you both can decide to cook together before going on your date or you can bring your own food. It is totally up to you. Video call your significant other and go to the park, the beach, or your backyard. Anywhere outdoors is fun, just make sure that you are safe. On your date take blankets and food and spend quality time together so that you can feel connected even though you are apart.  

4. Watch the sunset or sunrise together

You can choose to watch the sunset with your significant other by going on your rooftop, a lake or a hill. If you live close to the beach, it is really nice to go to the beach and watch the sunset or sunrise while calling your significant other. If you both live in different time zones, it might be tough to catch the sunset at the same time. So instead, you can go somewhere with a nice view and call your significant other from there!

5. Watch your favorite movies together

Start your date by going on any movie streaming service that has a group watch feature like Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. You and your partner can pick out a movie and watch it at exactly the same time using the group watch feature and don’t forget the popcorn! 

6. Send each other a care package 

Get some of your partner's favorite snacks and things that remind them of you and send it to your partner. Include a handwritten card in your package telling them all the reasons why you love them. Have your partner do the same. When you both receive your packages, video call your partner and open them at the same time! This is a really special date idea because even if you are both far away from each other you can show your love for them with tangible things. This can be really special if you or your partner's love language is gift giving. 

Gift idea: send them one of your jackets or blankets so that it can feel like a warm hug when you are wearing it.

7. Write each other love letters

Write your partner a sweet love letter and then spray it with your favorite perfume or cologne. Have your partner do the same. Then when you both receive the letter, call each other and read the letters together. This is special because while text messages can be sweet, nothing beats a handwritten letter from your favorite person. 

Love letter with flowers Pezibear on Pixabay

8. Send your partner flowers

There are many delivery services that will deliver flowers directly to homes. Time the flowers to arrive at their place while you are on a video date with your partner. You can see their reaction to receiving the flowers and you can let them know that you picked out their favorite flowers for them. You can also buy artificial flowers if you want to and send them to your partner. 

9. Surprise visit your partner

First, make sure that your partner is not busy on the day you plan to go visit them. Every minute you spend with your partner is a good minute. Even if the visit is brief, you both are going to create special memories. When your partner sees you, they are going to be so happy that you surprised them. A surprise visit will be the best date and gift they can receive on Valentine’s Day. 

10. Go on a trip together

If you and your partner have the funds and the time, plan to go on a vacation together! Nothing says I love you like the perfect vacay to Hawaii, Paris, New York, or any place you have always wanted to visit. It would be a dream vacation because you would get to spend time with your partner, what could be better than that?