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10 Best Study Spots on Campus

1. Study room “bubble” in dorms #Inside #Quiet 

Every dorm hall at GCU has a study room or as my roommates and call it: the “bubble.” Glass panel walls and huge windows this study spot is both convenient and quiet. Say hi to your hall-mates as they pass by and invite them in to study together!  

Bonus: Big windows make perfect for catching pics of beautiful sunsets in the evenings.  

Tip: Bring a blanket because the AC can make it chilly, also the couch is a perfect spot for an in between-studying nap. ;)  

2. The Habit Booths. #Inside #Loud 

The Habit is on this list because of its moody lighting and great booths big enough for both your laptop and a tray of delicious fries and shakes. Nice tunes and good study vibes makes the Habit a place to be!  

Fun factThe Habit is a great spot to make friends with someone who’s waiting for their food too.  

Tip: Bring noise-cancelling headphones if you need some focus, the Habit plays their own jams including: Michael Bublé and Jason Mraz.  

3. GCBC Student Union #Inside #Loud 

GCBC is a favorite for students and teachers alike! Some professors hold their office hours here. Grab a stampede energy drink or a yummy coffee beverage and get to work. Cool vibes and plenty of seating makes this location a popular spot among Lopes. Bring headphones if conversations get too loud, but this is a social spot! Outside seating is available but it fills up fast.  

4. GCBC Roadrunner #Outside #Loud 

The newest location of GCBC and closest to the arena and business buildings. With both indoor and outdoor seating, this location’s outside seating is the most favorited. Comfy couch chairs in the shade with great pop hits blasting from inside the coffee, make this an upbeat and social spot. If you are more inclined to quieter spots, try sitting further away from the entrance.  According to one student this is an ideal spot for people watching and getting some homework done.  

5. Thunder ground outdoor tables across from Qdoba #Outside #Quiet 

Busy during the weekday, but dead during the weekends this is a shady and quiet place to grab some grub and study. Because it’s outside, it is recommended you leave your electronics off and usthis tree covered spot to get your reading done. Pull out a textbook and enjoy some peace and quiet.  

Tip: If you go to Qdoba (across the way) before 10:30am any day, you can get a breakfast burrito with eggs and potatoes, so good! 

6. Library 3rd or 4th floor #Inside #Quiet 

Choose 3rd for the computer lab and printers or the 4th floor for extra table space and silent studying. At this library, there aren’t many books but plenty of quiet but beware you will get looks even if you drop a pencil. If needed, study rooms are available for group projectsOpen till midnight Monday-Thursday, this study spot is a must for any student.  

Tip: Get coffee from GCBC beforehand to fuel your studying even more.  

7. Seating near Chick Fi Le (Lopes Way) #Outside #Loud 

One of the most social spots on campus is the famous Lopes Way. Busy from early morning till the wee hours of the night. This is a prime spot for the best food on campus plus an easy spot to get some quick studying done before class. (Or to finish the new season of Stranger Things…) 

8. Booth at Fresh Fusion #Inside #Loud 

Tired of fried foods and junk? Grab a healthy salad or wrap and catch up on the newest season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians at Fresh Fusion. Comfortable seating and windows allow for natural light and a great studying atmosphere. Quiet spots can be found further away from the TV and people in line for food.  

9. Student union 1st floor #Inside #Loud 

Hands up best spot for group projects. Large table spaces and chairs enough for everyone, this is an easy place to meet up with your peers. Easily accessible by being located in the middle of campus 

10. Courtyard tables in between dorms #Outside #Quiet 

Every dorm has a courtyard area for picnics and hangouts but this makes for an awesome study area as well! Open any hours and usually quiet. Close to your dorm and hidden away from the busy traffic.  

Tip: Some courtyards have hammock poles, hammock-ing is a great way to relax and still get work done.  


Dasha is a writer, blogger and theater major at Grand Canyon University originally from Seattle, Washington.
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