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What Do the Planets Represent in Astrology?

So you know that you’re a Leo sun with a Virgo moon, and your Mars is in Capricorn, but what does any of that mean? Here’s a basic breakdown of what each planet (yes, in astrology the moon is considered a planet) means!


This is your basic personality, and is also what most horoscopes are based on. But its a very basic overview which tends to translate to generalities, which is why so many people write off horoscopes entirely. (The Sun rules Leo)


Your moon sign represents your emotions and mood tendencies. This is the second most commonly recognized sign. (The moon rules Cancer)


Mercury represents how you communicate, as well as representing your mind. (Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo)


Venus is commonly known as representing love, and this is accurate as the sign your venus is in represents love and attraction.  (Venus rules both Taurus and Libra)


Mars is known for representing your drive and energy. (Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio)


Jupiter represents growth, and wisdom. It is sometimes also mentioned as representing luck. (Jupiter rules Sagittarius)


Saturn rules discipline, fears and challenges. Saturn takes 27-30 years to return to its position in your natal chart, and when this happens it is known as your Saturn Return. This is a period of time where you will be challenged, and likely go through a lot of change and maybe even some hardships, but it ultimately is known as a period of growth.(Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius) 


Uranus represents your originality and change. (Uranus rules Aquarius)


Neptune is known for representing your dreams and how you heal. (Neptune rules Pisces)


Pluto represents how you transform and subconscious forces. (Pluto rules Scorpio)

Skyler Wilkes is a junior Theatre and Creative Writing double major at GCSU! Skyler enjoys reading, traveling, red lipstick, and How I Met Your Mother. You can follow her on Instagram @skylerelizabethh
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