Ways to Pass the Time During Hurricane Irma

Being trapped inside due to a category 4 hurricane has never been so fun! Here’s a list of things to do to pass the time with a storm outside because hurricanes suck, but you don’t have to.

Talk to your Roommates

When was the last time all of you guys could hang out without having to hurry off somewhere? Take advantage of the 156 mph gusts of wind outside to reconnect and catch up with each other’s lives. Perhaps you can lay out some wine and cheese and reminisce on the times you did not have to stay inside due to a giant storm.


Get a little festive and make some Hurricane Irma themed foods. You can make Irma Ice Cream Sundaes with cherries as the red eye center or if you still have power you make an Irma cake and decorate it to look like the storm on the radar map. If the power runs out make an Irma Iceberg Lettuce salad. There are so many ways to make food fun!

Read a Book

What’s a better way to enjoy a book than to curl up with a storm going on outside. Light some candles, dim the lights, and curl up with your softest blanket to really feel this vibe. There is something peaceful about the rain hitting the roof or windows while you’re inside reading.

Write a Bucket List

This is another great way to bond with your roommates if you choose to do it with them. Sharing ideas of things you want to do before you die or before you get married is a fantastic way to laugh and get to know each other on a deeper level. It does not have to require any power, so if the power does go out you can always do it the old-fashioned way with pen and paper.

Watch an Old Movie

Bring back old, forgotten, childhood memories by watching some classics. This is another way to bond with your roommates (hopefully by now you’ve picked up on the underlying bond with your roommates’ theme) by watching each of your favorite childhood go-to’s. Even if you can’t think of any movies you absolutely need to watch you can always just search the children section on Netflix or simply Google some.

Become an Ordained Minister

Name a better way to pass the time then to become an ordained minister. Even if you don’t have a friend’s wedding coming up where you agreed to officiate the ceremony it might come in handy one day! For a great website to do this at click here.

Have a Killer Spa Day

Before the storm arrives go to Walmart and pick up a few cheap face masks, some cucumbers, and some tea and get ready for a relaxing day. Set the tranquil mood by lighting some candles and playing the sounds of running water (or listening to the rain outside).

Have a Board Game Day

Invite some pals over and play board games all day. I know in my apartment we have high school musical mystery date, which is always a killer way to pass time.

Pop some Champagne

Celebrate the campus being closed and survive this hurricane in style by popping some champagne during Irma. If you want to really be extra, play Kanye while doing this.


Probably the best use of your time is to catch up on your sleep. With the university closing, you have an extra two days to do homework and study for tests. Use this time to sleep and really feel refreshed when you go back to class.