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Ways To Have Healthy Food On a Budget


With the semester coming to midterm season, stress eating becomes more popular than Iggy A’s song “Fancy.”
So here is to embracing stress eating without feeling like a rock later on..
Top four fulfilling snacks for those cravings:
1) Hummus and pretzels 
 One of my personal favorites, hummus has many wonderful flavors and pretzels are low fat and a healthy alternative to chips. Plus it can keep you full and it’s easy to take to the next study sesh! 
2) Apple with caramel dip
 So maybe the carmal dip isn’t the most healthy.. But an apple a day keeps the doc away right? Treat yourself to a little sugar and get an apple or two, cut them up, get some Carmel sauce (which comes in small packets) and go to town. 
3) Fruit dipped in chocolate
If carmal isn’t your thing you can melt some chocolate and dip the banana/apple/strawberry in and let the chocolate set! Boom. Any fruit covered in a little chocolate and your ready for that biology midterm. 
4) Luna Bars
When you think of getting protein bar that will keep you full and pretty much taste identical to a Girl Scout thin mint, you should try the mint chocolate chip bar! Any of their flavors are delish but that one is my personal fav. 10 for $10 at most walmarts and krogers!
Got any favorite snacks? Share! 
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