Tree Planting 101

Last Thursday, Campus Correspondent Emily Hinely and I planted two Dogwood trees on Georgia College's West Campus in honor of Georgia College's Arbor Day celebration. We had a ton of fun properly planting our trees and learned a lot of great tips Grounds Supervisor Aaron Seay! Here is the basics of planting a tree, so you can go plant one too!

1) After selecting a tree and picking a spot for your tree, begin digging. For more information on tree selection check out this link. Your hole needs to be as deep as your root bulb. Be careful to not dig too deep, or the roots of your tree will not get enough oxygen.As far as your width, your hole should be three times the diameter of your tree. 


2) Take your hands and loosen the root bulb, so it is not as compact.Once you have loosen the root bulb, lower it into your hole. 

3) Begin filling your hole with the dirt you previously dug up. Be careful not to cover the top of the bulb where the tree comes out. Instead, put the dirt around the tree. 

4) Finally, gently pack the dirt around the tree. 

Yay! You have now learned how to plant a tree! Get planting today!