Traveling Celebrity: Jackie Hernandez

Jackie Hernandez, a senior at Georgia College, is embarking on a journey of a lifetime this summer. Not only does she stay busy as an executive officer for Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, and devote much of her time to planning events for her sisters, but she also stays on top of school and works hard to seek out the best opportunties that will better her career as a marketing major. Jackie is very interested in the advertising aspect of marketing, and was selected to travel to Sydney, Australia to participate in an advertising internship. 

Jackie's Big, Rachel, (left) and Jackie (right)



Why do you want to travel to Australia for an internship as opposed to somewhere else?

Jackie: " I've beent to Europe before, and as much as I loved it, I still wanted to see what else was out there.  So when I discovered this amazing opportunity, I knew I had to pursue it."

What will you be doing there?

Jackie: "Most students take classes when they go abroad, but since I am a senior and I have taken most of those classes already, I applied for the internship trip. I will be interning in Sydney Mondays through Thursdays! I'm really excited because it's not only giving me my last college credit, but I'll be gaining real world experience! I'm super grateful for this opportunity and extremely thankful for my parents who are helping me fund this trip."

Jackie's father, Raul 


How do you feel? Are you excited or nervous?

Jackie: "I've had some hard times throughout my college experience that have made it difficult for me to excel, but I've overcome those challenges and pushed through it to make it this far. If you would have asked me a year ago if I would see myself planning this trip I would have laughed, but here I am, excited, happy and confident, planning a trip to Australia."


We are so happy for you, Jackie! Can't wait to see photos of your trip and hear all about it! Have fun and congratulations!