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Top Five Unique Spring Break Destinations

Spring break is almost here, and we are all looking for things to do, trips to take, and fun to have! I know we all love the beach, but there are plenty of other ways to have fun, and get outside! 

Here are 5 destinations that are affordable and unique! 

1. Chattanooga, TN 

Here in this south Tennesee city, you can find plenty to do that’s affordable and plenty of fun! You can visit the Tennesee River, hike up Ruby Falls and Lookout Mountain, as well as find areas to go caving, camping and so much more! 


2. Mammoth Caves, KY

These 400 miles of caves and tunnels is the largest system of caves in the world! Settled in Kentucky at the site of a national park there is plenty of opportunities to go camping, hiking, fishing and other fun activities!


3. Providence Canyon State Park, GA 

This massive rock formation has been called “The Little Grand Canyon” and offers plenty of hiking and camping opportunities! Located in Steward county, this park offers hundreds of acres of trails and park for you to explore!


4.  The Lost Sea, TN


This underwater lake is found in Sweetwater, Tennessee, and is the largest underground lake in the US. The Craig Caverns State Park provides boat tours around this beautiful lake!


5.  Ten Thousand Islands, FL

This natural grove of swap islands in southwest Florida gives a beautiful look into another part of Florida other than the crowded beaches. Kayaking is a fun and exciting way to explore this natural wonder with friends! 


These fun destinations are all great affordable ways to mix things up this spring break, and have plenty of exciting adventures! 

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