Three Reasons to Study Abroad

Whether you are a foreign language major or not, studying abroad is the most amazing and enlightening experience you could ever have as a collegiate. Spending a summer or semester abroad not only teaches you more about a different culture and language but also more about yourself as a person and student.

Here are the top three reasons why you should study abroad while still in college:

1.     It teaches you how to be more independent.

Nothing encourages your inner Beyoncé to come out more than traveling through a foreign country, essentially, on your own. It’s one thing to be on your own on your college campus, but it is another thing entirely to traverse and live in a whole new place where you don’t know anyone. While it is more fun to travel with a friend or group of people you know, it really helps you grow as an individual to experience a study abroad outside of your comfort zone. That’s when personal growth occurs.

2.     The Food.

I think this is self-explanatory. The food you eat while you study abroad is delicious and majestic. You try new things and you find new foods you can’t live without. I don’t care where you study abroad. If not to learn a new language and culture, you should go abroad for the food. So. Delicious.

3.     Forget Class. You learn more about life itself when you are abroad.

Studying abroad not only teaches you what you learn in classes, but you learn so much more about life. It is one thing to learn about French culture in a classroom with a white board. It is another thing to learn about French culture sitting at a café, ordering a glass of wine and some French cheese. Learning truly does happen outside of the classroom.

While these are only a few reasons to study abroad, there are a thousand more why you should at least look into your university’s programs. For you GC collegiates out there, below is a link to the study abroad opportunities that are coming up! Be sure to check them out!