Swipe Right on These Pets

It's true what they say about dogs being man (and woman's!) best friend. Although adoption is not a decision that should be taken lightly, looking for a new pet can be a lot like dating. Especially nowadays with sites like Petfinder, meeting your new four-legged companion could be more like a Tinder date than you originally thought. Let me paint you a picture: you see a dog's picture online, read a little bio about them, and then decide if you want to meet in person of not. Sound familiar? 

Well, get that Dating Game music ready, because here are a few pups I know you'll want to swipe right on! 

Meet our first contestant Lacy!

Lacy is a girl who knows exactly what she likes- long walks in the grass! She loves playing and spending time outside. She has a couple scars, but overall she's an easygoing girl who just wants to have fun! 

Allow me to introduce Stubbz!

True to his name, Stubbz has one stubby tail, but that doesn't stop him from wagging it all the time! This boy love to cuddle and play. Just look at that smile! 

Meet Charlie!

Charlie is a real sweetheart. Though he's had a tough past, he's ready to find a new forever home with someone who knows how to treat him right! Charlie's hobbies include cuddling, giving kisses, and taking long strolls. 

Uh-oh! Here comes Gal!

Just like Gal Gadot, she is Wonder Woman! She loves to run and play, but she also has a heart of gold. Gal's main goal in life is to cuddle up on your lap and never leave. Did we mention she has an adorable little snort? 

And last but certainly not least, meet Rex! 

Rex's favorite pastimes include playing, playing, and also playing. He came from a difficult past, but that does not stop him from giving everyone he meets all the love he has. 

If you're interested in learning more about these awesome dogs, you can go to the Friends of Baldwin Animal Control Facebook page and learn more about finding these wonderful pups their forever homes.