A Sparkly and Athletic Cutie: Hillary Hunnings

Major: Double Major in Mass Communication and Political Science 

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Atlanta, GA/Cumming Area

What clubs/organizations are you in and what are your leadership positions in them?

Sigma Alpha Omega, Honors Program, GC 360 reporter, Lambda Pi Eta, The Colonnade 

What inspires you most?

My little sister. 

What would you say is your fashions sense/style?

I like classic pieces that are timeless! 

What advice would you give to anyone on how to enjoy their college experience?

 I think as a student you should find what your passionate about and learn everything you can about it. College is such an incredible time to learn not only in the classroom but also beyond the classroom door. 

Do you have any hobbies?

Tennis! I always look forward to playing with my sisters every week. I also like going to the beach and reading a good book. Preferably while on the beach.

Favorite travel destination and why?

My favorite travel destination would have to be the Outer Banks off of the North Carolina coast. The ocean is gorgeous and I enjoy visiting with family and friends there. 

What has been your most enlightening experience in college? What will you take away from your experience?

One of my most enlightening college experiences so far has been learning how to improve my writing. Writing is a passion of mine and it is exciting to see how it has improved over time. It is a continuous learning process though, which is what makes it exciting.