Shout Out to All My Single Ladies: How to Have Fun On Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again. The colors pink and red are everywhere, the heart shaped candies are in every store, and couples make plans for what they will do coming this February 14th. However, this doesn’t mean that the single ladies of the world must hide out in their apartments or dorm rooms, waiting for the sun to rise and the dreaded holiday of love to end. There many different fun things one can do with her girlfriends on this dreaded holiday for many!  

Plan a fun sleepover and movie night!

Get all your best friends (single ladies) together and plan a sleepover with a movie night, junk food, makeovers, etc. Act like you are back in middle school/high school. It will be a fun night of just staying in with your favorite ladies. Watch a funny date movie and play truth and dare. And maybe even watch 13 Going On 30 or my personal favorite, Valentine’s Day.

Go out on the town with your girlfriends!

Don’t want to stay in? Go out! Treat yourselves to a nice restaurant (Yes, even on February 14th), go dancing, go see a movie, have fun! It doesn’t matter if you have a boyfriend or just a group of girls who you love and who love you. It will be fun no matter what!

Bake some delicious cookies and cupcakes!

I love me some baked goods. Get some of your best friends together and make some cupcakes, cookies, whatever you have pinned on Pinterest and are dying to try!

Get Crafty!

Look up some crafts you have wanted to try online and invite some friends over too. It can be a fun and productive night just for you. Now you can finally make that new bookshelf made from old hats…or something like that!

Don’t forget to raid the sale candy February 15th!

Whatever you do on Valentine’s day, don’t forget the day after. My best friend and I have a tradition – we always hit up Walmart or the Pharmacy for the Valentine’s Candy that is now on sale. It is cheap as dirt and so delicious. Do. It.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, even if you are just going to spend it with some of your best friends!