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Seasons Aren’t The Only Thing Changing Around Here

Seasons aren’t the only thing changing around Georgia college’s campus.  With new fall weather brings in leaves chaning colors, preparation for Dance Marathon, and the charity event of Georgia Gives.

What: Dance Marathon

When: March 2015

Dance your heart out GC! Dance Marathon raises money that will go to provide comfort and care for children in hospitals.  Last year more than $30,000 was raised and this year the bar is set higher! Early resgistration is going on in order to begin individual fundrasing early. Start asking your relatives for money for Christmas and start the help in raising money FTK! (for the kids)

What: Georgia Gives

When: November 10th-14th

Chairty events all over campus happened in order to raise money for Habbitat for Humanity, Cancer patients, and more charitable causes around the big peach state. If you missed the opprotunity all of these wonderful organizations will allow donations anytime so just go online and donate for a cause! 

What: Dodgeball Contest

When:  November 13th

All the media outlets of GC went head to head in dodgeball battle this past Thursday.  With the winners being WGUR, the radio station (95.3) The Collonnade came in at 2nd, GC360 at 3rd, and PRSSA 4th.  It was a tradition in the making and was a bonding expierence for all.

In other news, leggings are back in, Starbucks has their Christmas flavors avaliable, and this cold front is supposed to hit 19 degrees by Tuesday. Bundle up! 

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