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Resume or CV: What’s the Difference

At this point in your college career you have probably heard the phrases “Resume” or “Curriculum Vitae.”  There are two questions surrounding these two: when do I actually use these and can they be applied to the same thing? Hopefully these questions will be clarified!

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What is a resume?

A resume is typically a one-page document that is meant to be very concise so that the reader can pinpoint all the important details without having to look too long at your page. Resumes are not a one-size fits all document. It is very important that when crafting a resume you cater it to wherever you are applying. Everything that you have done in your working experience doesn’t need to be on the resume. The opportunities that are highly unique and offered you skill sets that you didn’t learn at another job are what ideally should be on the page. A resume also doesn’t need to be in chronological order. If you are still in college or a couple of years out, it is okay if education is at the very top. However, if you have been out of college for five years or more and you have a career, education is something that should be near the bottom of the page.

What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV)?

A CV is a document that can be much longer than one page, as this document would chronicle your experiences in great detail. Unlike a resume, CV are a one-size fits all document. Everything on the CV should be laid out in chronological order, so there is a clear understanding of your career from start to present.

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Do I use a Resume or a CV?

Whether you use a resume or CV really depends on what you are applying for. It has been said that if you are applying to a research position, a CV should be used. If you are applying to a job that lays out the qualifications they are looking for and is maybe an entry level position, a resume would be fine. When it comes to graduate school, some schools specifically ask for CVs while others will accept either one or the other. Really the correct answer is to use your best judgment, and if you don’t know it never hurts to ask which would be most preferable.

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