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This Playlist Will Get You Through Finals to SUMMER!

Finals are upon us. This is a very stressful time, characterized by all-nighters cramming for exams, tirelessly pulling your weight in a group project, and writing papers. Whether you’re home or in the library, sometimes you just need to drown out the white noise around you and just FOCUS. This finals playlist will help you to do that, and will motivate you to kick ass during finals week! 

Listen as you read HERE

1. Break the Rules – Charli XCX

Beginning the long journey of finals is hard enough. Charli can relate. Scream “I don’t wanna go to school / I just wanna break the rules,” along with her as you study. She feels your pain.

2. Patience – Bad Suns

Though you don’t want to study, be patient with Bad Suns, because summer is coming so soon!

3. Hannah – COIN

When you listen to “Hannah,” just imagine Chase Lawerence of COIN giving you a pep talk about finals when he tells you, “How will you know if you never try,” in the chorus. How will you know what grade you really deserve on that test if you don’t try your best?

4. Daydream – Beach Fossils

This upbeat, beach-y song will have you daydreaming about summer while you are studying.

5. I’m Just Snacking – Gus Dapperton

Of course, when cramming for your final, it is important to have snacks. Let Gus Dapperton inspire you to take a much-needed break.

6. Flaming Hot Cheetos – Clairo

Clairo will give you a good idea of just what to snack on during your study break. Spoiler alert: the song isn’t actually about Flaming Hot Cheetos, but it’s still a catchy, cool tune about love!

7. Heart to Break – Kim Petras

Let Kim Petras’s newest single be an ode to your professors. You’re giving them your heart to break as you turn in these last exams and assignments, expecting the worst, but hoping that they bump you up an entire letter grade.

8. Quiz – CupcakKe

CupcakKe will pump you up for finals szn with “Quiz,” her newest single! It will make you feel so confident that you know you’ll pass ANY quiz…. or cumulative final exam.

9. Try – Soccer Mommy

This 80’s-esque bop will have you singing “Give it all I can for you,” to your finals. Don’t give up yet, you are almost done!

10. Last One – The Aces

The perfect song to finish out finals week with. You’ll be singing “This is the last one / This is the last one / This is the last ooonnnneeeeee,” in your head throughout your last final.

You made it! Now go enjoy summer! (And keep listening to this playlist, because it’s still great outside of finals week).


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