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Nick Jerome: MBA Student

What did you get your undergraduate degree in?

I got my undergraduate degree in Psychology.

What made you want to take the MBA masters program?

I decided to join a masters program because I realized my undergraduate degree was not going to open many lucrative employment opportunities.

How wil the masters program help you in your future job?

During my current masters program, I came to the realization that the actual aspect of learning means volumes more than a grade. This program has taught me an untold number of lessons that I will be able to implement in real life.

What advice do you have for people considering a masters program?

Understand that a masters program is significantly harder than an undergraduate program. Your social life disappears, you have to show up to every class or you will get extremely lost, and teachers have a no bullshit tolerance (this means no make up assignments or extensions unless you get hit by a bus). If you decide to take a graduate program, give it your all. Failing out of graduate school is a real possibility and you don't want to spend money for nothing.

How much more studying do you have to do for the graduate program than the undergraduate program?

I would study about 1-3 hours a week for my undergraduate classes. In graduate school, it is typically 2-4 hours a day. 

Why did you decide to continue with school instead of taking a break from work?

I regretted my undergraduate degree and wanted to position myself with more job opportunities. The MBA program gave me opportunities to network and gain a mentor outside of the school which really helped me understand the career path I was headed towards. 

Would you recommend recent graduates to go ahead and get their masters or wait? Why?

My class is split on this decision, but I don't regret my choice to go right into my masters program. I believe it has allowed me to mature faster. With that said, I understand why waiting would make more sense. You want to make sure the masters degree you want is the masters degree you've signed up for and previous job experience will allow you to narrow down your search. 

How did you decide what graduate program you wanted to do?

One of my favorite professors suggested the program to me and it just grew from there. When I signed up for the masters program, I was interested in a career in Industrial Organizational psychology and the MBA program would give me experience in that field. Since then I've changed my path through the knowledge I've gained in the program and through talking with my professors. 

I'm a senior here at Georgia College. My major is English, with a concentration in creative writing, and a minor in Marketing. I love to write fiction with dabbles in poetry. I'm happily taken with the love of my life and we have an adorable puppy (that's mostly his, but I like to steal him.) Working with HerCampus has allowed me to get to know some wonderful girls and I couldn't be happier with the experience. 
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