New iPhone Features You Need to Know About

On September 12, Apple announced their new fleet of products at their Keynote, which was the first ever event held at Steve Jobs Theatre. Included in their new line was the Series 3 Apple Watch, 4K Apple TV, iPhone 8, and iPhone X. Although the new iPhones still included many of the features that have distinguished Apple as the leader in technology, the phones now possess many new qualities.


The iPhone 8 brings to the table an abundance of new features including an all new design with aerospace grade aluminum bands and glass on the front and back. The new design comes in their standard colors of gray, silver, and rose gold and in two standard sizes—4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. The new display offers a variety of upgraded features that include True Tone, 3D touch, and a wider color gamut. True Tone allows for the phone to automatically adjust the white balance in order to match the light around you and the wider color gamut allows more colors to be visible on the upgraded retina display. Additionally, the 3D touch allows images to be sharper and more lifelike.

These new display features accompany the better camera this phone offers. It now has a 12 MP camera that has an optical zoom of 10x for photos and 6x for videos. Additionally, the favored portrait mode feature has been upgraded to have sharper foregrounds and more naturally blurred backgrounds.

The new phone is also water and dust resistant, in an attempt to keep up with their competitor, Samsung.

You can currently order the iPhone 8 at a price of either $34.50 a month or a full price of $699 for the 4.7-inch display, or a price of either $39.50 a month or a full price of $799 for the 5.5-inch display.


In addition to the iPhone 8, Apple promised a new future for technology with its announcement of the iPhone X. The iPhone X is offered in a 5.8-inch retina display with an OLED screen, the first of its kind in this type of device. This new phone is offered in either gray or silver with the 64GB or 256GB memory option. This new phone, too, has a durable glass front and back, however lacks a home button and uses new movement technology to control the phone.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature of the iPhone X is the facial recognition software that Apple has named Face ID. Face ID allows for the phone to be unlocked using just facial recognition. This feature can also be used for Apple Pay, which will allow you to approve the purchase something with just looking at your screen. Face ID also allows for a new feature called Animoji, which creates emoji’s that mirror your expression.

The iPhone X also has a better camera than the rest of Apple’s products. This camera features many of the same improvements the iPhone 8’s does with the addition of portrait lighting, which automatically adjusts light for the photo in portrait mode. Additionally, the new camera utilizes Dual OIS, which is uses two cameras to create a crisper photo.

Like the iPhone 8, the phone is charged using wireless charging, however the iPhone X has a more efficient battery that can last two hours more than the iPhone 7 does on a single charge.

You can preorder the new iPhone X starting 12:01 AM on October 27 for the price of either $49.94 a month or $999.