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Meet Lori Fatzinger!

Lori Fatzinger/19/English Major/Sophomore

Her Campus: Why did you choose GC?

Lori Fatzinger: I choose GC because of the small town feel and the closeness of the community. doest hurt that all my friends go here too.

HC: What’s your favorite thing about GC?

LF: My favorite thing about GC is the friends I’ve made and and the bonds that are going to last for a long time.

HC: Why did you choose your major?

LF: I chose English because I am a book addict. I also love the ability they have to draw you into another dimension and help you escape reality.

HC: Do you have a minor? If so, what is it?

LF: I have a theatre minor! I love musicals! they are my not so guilty guilty pleasure. Plus they are stories played out right in front of you by emotionally raw people being vulnerable to your response. Whats not to love and admire about that?Are you involved in any clubs or groups? Which ones?

HC: Favorite thing to do in Milly?

LF: My favorite thing to do in Milly is to eno with some friends at the greenway or go and window shop downtown. What is your ultimate career goal?

HC: What is your ultimate career goal? Life goal outside of your career?

LF: My ultimate career and life goal is to become a mom. To me thats a full time job. But My paying job would probably be as a librarian or as a makeup artist

HC: What’s a fun fact about you?

LF: I have attended seven different schools and moved five times in my lifetime. I also have a severe problem about buying makeup that I probably shouldn’t buy because Im broke. 

HC: What’s a fun fact from you? 

LF: Maybelline is owned by L’Oreal! But Maybelline is the cheaper one of the two!

Thank you Lori for doing this interview!

Skyler Wilkes is a junior Theatre and Creative Writing double major at GCSU! Skyler enjoys reading, traveling, red lipstick, and How I Met Your Mother. You can follow her on Instagram @skylerelizabethh
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