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Making the Best of Your Staycation

Awe, spring break! What a wonderful time of the semester. Everyone has probably had the thought, whether you want to admit it or not, when they returned to school after winter break, “Now, when is spring break?” Well, look no further because spring break is right around the corner, and it is waiting for YOU!

If you are like me, and some other people you might know, your spring break might be a little different. How? Well, I and other peers will be having a staycation. What is a staycation? A staycation is a combination of the words stay and vacation. Typically, on a vacation, most people go out of town or at least leave the current place that they are residing. While on a staycation, one stays at home, or in the current place they reside and have a vacation from home.

If this turns out to describe your situation, here are a couple things that you can do to make your staycation worthwhile!

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Explore Your Current City

Since you have been living in this city, you may have forgotten that it is an actual place and not just a city that your college is placed in. Now is the time to seek out this opportunity and find all the quaint nuances that your city has to offer. If you have a vehicle or any other means of fast transportation, you can travel to the vast areas of the city. If you are adventuring by foot, maybe try the restaurants and little shops that make up your city. See if there is a walking tour you can go on, so you can learn more about the city you live in.

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Do Some Spring Cleaning

It’s spring after all, why not start! If you haven’t already thrown out last year’s old and ill-fitting clothing, or the literal trash you have laying around, get rid of it all now! A fresh start is what you need. Your room will thank you, you will thank you, and your friends will thank you.

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Catch up on a Netflix Show/Watch Netflix Non-Stop

The first thing I assume people do when they are on a break from school, or just want to procrastinate, is to watch Netflix. When better to catch up, start a new show, or just go through every category Netflix offers, then over spring break!

Suggestions: Santa Clarita Diet, The Get Down, and all the documentaries

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Get Some Well Needed Rest

Sleep. You have a week to not see or be bothered by anyone. Sleep in every day. Take naps, if you don’t want to sleep all day. Relax is all you must do, try not to get riled up. It’s just you, yourself, and not them. Haha!

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Study/ Catch up/ Get a Head Start on School Work

Spring break is the time to relax and have fun, buuuuttt you could study and do homework for the first couple of days. It’s nice to have extra free time when spring break is over.

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Get Close to Someone/ Bond with Friends

You know that person you have been thinking about for the past week, yeah that one. You met them earlier in the semester; maybe you met them last semester. Regardless of when you met them, now is your open opportunity to get to know them better. That is if they are also having a staycation as well. If they are, have a movie night with them. Go adventuring with them. Make this break count for something, if not getting closer to the person you like. This is also a perfect time to catch up with your current friends. Have a movie night. Have long night talks over milk and cookies. Just make this week into one big bonding session. It will be fun!


Have fun on spring break Bobcats! Whether you are taking a vacation or having a staycation, make sure it is one for the books!

Mariah is a senior psychology major, who has aspirations to work in the library science field. She enjoys listening to music and making playlists, playing board games, and crafting. She enjoys writing for Her Campus because it gives her the chance to share unconventional articles that would otherwise not be published, while at the same time promoting female empowerment.
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