Let's Talk About Boo-bies

As the Halloween season winds down to an end, so does the Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign. Every October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to promote awareness of the disease and raise funds for a cure. The annual campaign began in 1985 and has grown ever since.


Breast cancer occurs in 1 in 8 U.S. women. About 85% of these cases occur in women with no family history of the disease, despite popular belief. The two biggest risk factors are being a woman and growing older. But when caught early, breast cancer is easily treatable.


One of the campaign goals is to increase the number of self-examinations among the population. Self-exams are one of the best ways to detect abnormalities in the breasts. Although 8 out of 10 will end up being benign, self-examination can save a life. Nearly 40% of breast cancers are detected this way.


Based on the Office of Health Promotion and the NCHA 2017 survey, only 44% of Georgia College female students reported giving themselves a breast exam.


Tips to performing your own self-exam:

  1. The best position for a breast exam is laying down
  2. Feel for lumps, thick spots, or knots
  3. Check the breasts and armpits
  4. Check for changes in the nipple, discharge, or dimpling of the skin
  5. Asymmetrical breasts are not always a red flag
  6. Use light, medium, and firm pressure
  7. Self-exams are important for noticing changes in the breasts

Use these tips to check your boo-bies this October!