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Kenzi Podell: Music Major

Although Kenzi Podell is only a Freshman, she has gotten very involved in both her major and on campus. To name a few, Kenzi is involved in the Music Therapy Society, Creative Expressions, and her sorority Kappa Delta. She is a music major at Georgia College and is looking forward to what lies in the years ahead of being apart of this wonderful program. She was recently announced as Sisterhood Chair for her sorority and is excited to take on that responsibilty next semester. I interviewed Kenzi about her activities on campus and she had some great responses:



1. What do you like about being a music major?"I love being a music major because I know that I will be doing something I am very passionate about for the rest of my life. It's not like going to class for me, it's doing a hobby, doing something fun, rather than torture. No matter how hard the material gets, it's more worth it because of how much it means to me."

2. What types of activities do music majors do on campus?"As a music therapist major, we have done several drum circles on campus in and outside of class. Also, we have the Music Therapy Society, which fundraises and helps at plenty of other clinical sites off campus. We also have plenty of concerts for band, orchestra, chorus, and other guests that come to GCSU and play. Some of us have also had the chance to go other places and play, teach, or visit."

3. What activities are you involved in on/off campus?"I am involved in the Music Therapy Society for my major. Within my major, I was also a part of Creative Expressions, a group of developmentally disabled adults coming to the school to play music. Within this group, I was a part of the rock band and plan on doing so again next semester. Also, I am in the wind symphony where I play the French horn. I teach French horn and trumpet to four adorable 6th graders at the local middle school. I am also a Kappa Delta. In my sorority, I have recently become the sisterhood chair."




4. How has Kappa Delta affected your first semester of school?"Kappa Delta has allowed me to branch out and meet more people I never would have naturally been able to meet. It has kept me busy and more involved in the school. I feel as though I am not just a student because of Kappa Delta, but I am a part of the college. I walk through campus and always see a sister, and it is a great feeling to know that no matter what, I am always supported and loved."

5. What are you most excited for about next year?"Next year I am very excited about the upcoming band concert in April. One of my favorite composers will be coming in to conduct the wind symphony himself. Also, I will be involved more in KD during Greek Week and also as my appointed officer chair [Sisterhood Chair]. Although next semester seems longer, there are plenty more activities I am exciting to be a part of."

6. What do you think it will be like to be sisterhood chair for KD?"I am prepared, I think, to be sisterhood chair. A sister in my sisterhood family is willing to help me along the way while I adjust. I think it will be a great experience for me to branch out more into leadership and also with socializing with my sisters. I still do not know most of them, as I am a newer member, and through creating bonding sisterhood events, I think I will be able to bring us all closer and get to know one another."

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