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A Joyous Cutie: Sami Fales

Meet Sami, an aspiring teacher whose bubble personality and love for all things Disney will fill you up with joy!

Name: Samantha Michelle Layne Fales 

Year: Senior

Major: Special Education

Relationship StatusSingle as a Pringle

Hometown: Kennesaw, Georgia

Campus Activities: SAO and CEC

Why did you choose to go into the teaching field? 

I’ve wanted to do teaching all my life, but Special Ed didn’t come into the picture until high school when I worked with a boy at church who had Down Syndrome. I fell in love with him and the idea of working with kids with special needs. Once in the cohort, I went and did one day in high school and fell in love with high school Special Ed, and I know that’s where God has called me to serve.

Tell me about your career goals: 

I either want to teach high school Special Ed. or start an inclusion program for people with special needs at a college. 

Which “Golden Girl” do you identify with most? 

Rose because she always has a positive attitude and a sarcastic remark, and I love Betty White!

What is you favorite Disney Channel Original Movie? 


What’s an Interesting fact about you? 

I met Hilary Duff when I was 10!

Sami meeting the teen queen, Hilary Duff.


Do you have a favorite episode of Full House?  

The Disney World episodes! 

If you could play any character at Disney World, who would it be?

I’d probably be Anna from Frozen because I looke like her, and she’s me in cartoon form, especially when I wake up in the morning!

If you could live in the universe of any TV show, which one would it be?   

Gilmore Girls! I like the small town feel of Stars Hollow and how it’s so perfect!

If you could be BFFs with any celeb, who would it be?   

Jennifer Lawrence! She’d always have something exciting to do or say! 

Lover of iced coffee and all things cheetah print. Just a city girl living in a small town college world.
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