How to Prepare For Halloween in 5 Easy Steps

5. Decorate Your Place

First and foremost, you must show your dedication to Halloween. Since the weather will range from cool to downright muggy here in Georgia, you may exit your house still believing it’s July. However, if you decorate your place just right, you can enter your home and remember what month it really is. Just add a couple of pumpkins here, a ghost or two there. Make sure your place smells of cinnamon, and that you have Halloween-themed knick-knacks littered around your house (I recommend candles/mugs/figurines with black cats, skeletons, and/or witches on them). And lastly, don’t forget to deck out your home in orange, black, and purple. It’s not Halloween without these 3 colors. Fact. When you’re done, you will be more than prepared for one of the best holidays to ever exist.

4. Carve a Pumpkin

You can’t truly celebrate Halloween without a carved pumpkin sitting somewhere inside or outside your home. So hurry, find the nearest store and buy a pumpkin! Then, proceed to carve it. There are many wonderful etchings to choose from online. Or you can keep it simple and make a generic pumpkin face with triangle eyes and a toothy smile. Anything will do so long as you carve it, and have fun. Carving pumpkins is always more fun with friends, so make an event out of it! Then afterwards, decorate your house with them (5. Decorate Your Place), and/or cook the seeds. Mmm, pumpkin seeds. Doesn’t get much better than that.

3. Eat Copious Amounts of Sweets

You’re too old to go trick or treating, but don’t let that stop you from eating candy, and lots of it. Just because you can’t go door to door doesn’t mean you can’t have sweets. You have a car, so use it! On the day of Halloween (or perhaps on the day after when the candy is on sale), drive to your local Wal-Mart, go down the Halloween aisle (there’s usually one in every store), fill your cart with candy, then head to the self-checkout (that way, checkout clerks can’t give you their judge-face). Once paid for, drive home, get settled, and pig out. There’s no shame in eating candy on Halloween. It’s practically a given! And you shouldn’t let your age stop you. You’ll thank yourself later.

2. Decide On/Create A Costume

You’re in college, so of course there will be Halloween themed parties all October. Thus, you need a costume, and fast. Don’t freak, deciding on a Halloween costume isn’t hard. Sometimes, it can be tricky, what with all the choices and natural indecision, but once you have your costume, there’s nothing stopping you from having a good time. You have two choices when it comes to costumes: you can head to your local Party City and buy one, or you can be a creative kid and make your own. Both are good ideas, and depending on what you decide, either can be cost effective. I recommend looking online for ideas to make your own costume, because there are so many things you can create with the simplest of household items!

1. Scare Someone

You’re not ready for Halloween if you’re not ready to scare the living daylights out of someone. So prepare yourself, because this is number one on the list. Once you have that costume ready, go out there and scare. It can be a friend, another fellow college student, or even a child (no judgments here). If you think you’re unable to scare anyone, just try your best. I don’t care if you’re dressed up as a sexy zombie, you got this. It’ll help if you hand out candy on Halloween, because that way, the children will come to you. Good luck, and happy scaring!