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How to Get Over a Friend Breakup

We all want what Christina Yang deems her “person,” someone we can call up at two in the morning to help us bury a body, as she aptly claims. Unfortunately, these friendships, much like romantic relationships, don’t always work out. There should come a point where you realize that we’re only people, and it’s okay to outgrow someone you used to believe would be there for you forever. So, here are (hopefully) some helpful tips for dealing with a friend breakup. 

  1. Get rid of their stuff – During a friendship, we accumulate remnants of the other person. Whether that be clothes, makeup, or shared memorabilia from the friendship, you need to toss it to begin the process of moving on.
  2. Block them on social media – Don’t force yourself to be a witness to their life. It’s best just to remove access to their everyday happenings.
  3. Pamper yourself – Much like romantic relationships, losing a friend is hard. So take nightly bubble baths, eat a lot of dessert, and have a good cry. This person needs to be mourned before you can move on.
  4. Plan activities that will take your mind off the person. It can be hard finding a new go-to person to do everything with, but take the opportunity to branch out and hang out with people you normally wouldn’t.
  5. Accept that it’s okay to not be friends anymore – This is hard because our closest friends play a large role in our lives. Appreciate the memories and understand that new friends will come. 
Lindsey Poe is a Senior English Literature major, Spanish minor here at Georgia College. She loves coffee, Pinterest, peach rings, House M.D., and late night easy mac. In her free time she enjoys taking naps, reading, crafting, and stalking adoptable dogs online. You can follow her on Instagram @linzpoe.
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